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  1. hello all before i got testing this bot i have had it in the past and have been band for running it can someone please tell me the optimal amount of run time break time etc for the best results and lowest possible ban rate thank you
  2. hello i cannot seem to get this script to start any ideas thanks
  3. hello wondering if you could help me the script has run perfectly up till fight arena the script never used a safe spot so my character died so i did the rest manually but now the script wont finish the rest of the quests it think that fight arena isnt complete thanks
  4. literally start the script and its checking prices in text box below cant get past that just cuts off anyone help me please?
  5. Hey trying to let you know from gnome course to drag or roof top their is a problem it get stuck at draynor just before it starts the roof top also I had a issue with alkahrid it got stuck at gate because I forgot to have 10 gp in the invent for gate bare this in mind people thanks
  6. Blueberrymuffin can you help me please can you tell me what stats gear and what revs etc you have your script set to would really appreciate it thank you
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