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  1. Alright thanks for this I think I could find at least one unique object, how far is the range on object.findnearest (or whatever the command is)
  2. Like the title says, I'm working on an advanced LMS script and it's going great, however, one of the features I want to implement is walking to safezones, however, because LMS is instanced (I think it's because of that) the co-ordinates of the arena are different every time making it impossible (afaik) to WebWalking.walkTo a specific tile or random area depending on what the safezone is. I can already detect the safezone using chat messages but is it possible (and what commands would I implement) to make it walk to safezones that change from game to game? Any help or ideas greatly appreciated thanks!
  3. Thank you so much, this is so helpful and has allowed me to really improve my script!
  4. So I can run the command to get the text from the interface, and I can print to console, when I print to console I have copy pasted the text to then put it into an if statement: String test = RandomInterfaceName.getText() if (test == "Text that it prints in console that is literally the exact same" { Do something } However it never says the if statement is correct, is it due to a formatting error in my code or in my text? Any help greatly appreciated
  5. Ahh thanks, I've just gone back through and fixed it up in both scripts
  6. I am well aware of this and plan to get involved with the community and probably release versions of this to the repo for free. I just want to take the small victories where I can What do you mean by this? Do you mean if there's more than one value in the array? If you do, yes that's what it's checking
  7. looks like my crappy potato picking script and my new script both do null checks and whatever[0].length > 0 checks
  8. I am aware of this, I'm hoping to go for Premium Scripter sometime during the development of the script. Any tips you can give me to help with my eventual application by the way?
  9. I'm developing a bot for the Last Man Standing game (I'm sure we've all seen them or heard of them by now) The script will likely be relatively cheap (Unlimited accounts for a couple dollars a month) I was wondering what features the community would like to see in it The end goal is to be able to farm points reliably with better ban rates than other LMS scripts and to be able to beat other scripts and nooby players Feature List: Before Games World hop to the official LMS competitive world Automatically teleports using the LMS minigame teleport Completes the LMS tutorial if not completed Right clicks to join games During Games Turns on run Turns on protect from range prayer Turns on piety Turn on Auto-Retaliate if it isn't on Switch to ranging gear Custom prayer setup (Priority: 3) Automatic prayer flicks (Priority: 1) Custom gear switches (Priority: 2) Automatic gear switches (Priority:1) Eats when below certain health Drinks potions at the beginning of the game Tick eats a Shark + Brew + Karambwan when below a certain very low health Moving to safe zones (Priority: 3) (I can currently detect which safezone we need to go to but don't know how to get there) Opening chests with keys from kills (Priority: 1) Switching gear if it's better (Better cape etc.) (Priority: 1) Implementing new gear into switches (i.e replacing ranged crossbow swap with Heavy ballista etc.) (Priority: 1) Using weapon specs After Games Re-queues Redeems points automatically (Priority: 3) Choose what item you want to redeem automatically (Priority: 1) Mule mode to mule away redeemed prizes (Priority: 1) (Absolutely no clue how to do this) Miscellaneous Anti Ban Compliance All ABC2 Timed Actions (Except XP because it's not needed and logout because it's glitchy to begin with + we're in an instanced minigame) Randomized delays between actions ABC2 Reaction times on flicks/gear switches (Priority: 1) Occasionally "forgetting" to switch prayers or gear (Priority: 1) Paint Games played/Games per hour Points won/Points per hour (Priority: 2) Points redeemed (Priority: 1) Approximate GP made/GP per hour (Priority: 1) GUI (Priority: 3) This would likely just allow all the options mentioned in the other sections Green - Implemented and working Yellow - Being implemented or glitchy (Priority means 1 is lowest 5 is highest) Red - Not implemented Current Glitches/Downfalls (Hopefully going to fix): If an account has already used a minigame teleport in the last 20 minutes it will become stuck in a loop of trying to teleport until the 20 minutes are up On fresh accounts you must commit suicide anywhere and select "Never show me this again" on the Oh dear you are dead interface Any feedback or recommendations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to be one of the (free) beta testers for the script leave a reply or PM me
  10. mjdge


    That's right another f*cking potato picker. First script so don't bash me if something breaks. Very basic and plain but, hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Crappy short list of features: Picks potatoes near Lumbridge and banks them in Draynor ABC2 implemented (not fully) Randomized delays between actions Doesn't break (I hope) Has clean concise logging of what the script is currently doing Randomized run activation Let's be honest, the only reason you're using this script is to test breaking mechanics, random event solvers or to test out looking glass or something You can get the script here (not sure why you'd want to though)
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