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  1. About once a year, I get the urge to experiment with botting an account or two. I made one account to experiment with, botting 1-3 hours a day in F2P and got banned at around 800 total. I decided to step my game up a bit and invested in a $5 residential proxy that no website could identify as a proxy. I created a brand new account from scratch and was going to keep it at 1-3 hours a day as well. However, when my first account got banned - I said fuck it, I'll just suicide on this new account. Everyone says botting in F2P has a high ban rate and I was suicide botting so I expected a ban at any point when I went to check on it. I started botting cooking and expected to get in the 80s before I got banned. I got into the 90s and then eventually got 99 which I was not expecting at all. I immediately went to get 99 FM as well because why not? After 99 firemaking, I was like okay.... somethings weird here. I'm botting so much and not getting banned for some reason. So I just started leaving my account training the same skill for days straight and ended up with some ridiculous progress. I got banned on 1-14-2020 and luckily got a screenshot of the stats and hours, leading to an average of 13-14 hours botted a day. I really never expected to reach over 1100 total, especially when I didn't get near that on an account I limited to 1-3 hours a day. I'm sure some people may think its silly to invest a bit of money into botting in F2P for absolutely no return, but it was a fun experiment for me. I figured I'd share some progress in the pictures below. Ending stats: Other screenshots and progress:
  2. Pretty much 4 hours on, one off, on repeat. Still going strong. This is a suicide experimenting account.
  3. Heres some proggies from ~35 to 98 cooking, started on Tuesday this week. Will have 99 cooking tonight surely followed by a ban at some point this week
  4. As everyone has said, its not a Tribot issue. Give it 5-10 minutes and it will eventually load. Its worked for me without fail this weekend.
  5. I love this series. Its part or what made me start an account with similar goals. Keep it up!
  6. I had the same issue tonight. I tried a $10 residential proxy from yourprivateproxy.com and then a very cheap proxy from Proxy6.net. I used both proxys when making the account and verified that I was using the matching proxy in Tribot before ever logging into the account. I completed tutorial island by hand on both accounts and both got banned within 30 minutes of completion, never having been botted on at all. Not blaming Tribot at all, but this is pretty discouraging.
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