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  1. Finally! Really best script! Thank you, bro!!! @Einstein
  2. Wilderness altar doesnt work.. 10x click burning amulet nonstop. fix it! @HeyImJamie
  3. From 65 road to 99 fishing. Best script, thank you @Einstein
  4. pidars2

    Weird bug

    @sprz how you get this tribot theme? i have this :
  5. pidars2

    why vps?

    I check instructions step by step.. Looking glass doesnt work? How to fix?
  6. pidars2

    why vps?

    hello. im new on botting. i have a question. why need vps on botting? its a required?
  7. pidars2

    safely botting?

    Thanks for reply. But my account is 2 years old.
  8. pidars2

    safely botting?

    hello,guys. how to bot safely? how much hours? and how much long break?
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