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  1. Airs is almost complete. Hope to fix up my code and optimize it bit. Between school & work, my time is shorted. Hopefully I can complete air's 100% with Tiara's before i go on vacation this weekend. I have noted it, will probably proceed with it once airs is completed.
  2. My plans for law/nature support may only go as far as this process. Bank->withdraw ess->law ruins->ess to laws->bank->repeat. I will look more into the API. Maybe i can get more creative. I must point out,i am in no way a Java Developer. As well, tonight i plan on implementing a better Walk to ruins handling. Right now its a little buggy. I do have antiban handling added as well. However i plan on adding 10+ antiban methods.
  3. It will be hard to provide laws/nature support until i can find me a tiara and eventually test it all out. Hope that'll be soon. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. Hey guys, just making this thread to alert those who're looking for a rune crafting bot that will do more than just craft airs. I am also creating this to keep myself alert as to what i still have to complete. Releasing a minor tested version Seem to run into minor walking issues, however the bot corrects itself. I have tested for 2 trips. Air Tiara's are not supported yet. I do not own one and have yet to add it's support. I will update you guys as to my progress. As new features are working and added it will be reflected here. You should notice a percentage of completion as well to try and accurately show how far I am to completing my work. Coming Features Air RCing[98%] Open Bank [100%]Scan Bank for Essence & Withdraw[100%]Scan bank for Talisman & Withdraw [100%]Close Bank [100%]Walk to Ruins [90%] W/ OffsetsEnter Ruins [100%]Convert to airs [100%]Exit ruins [100%]Walk to bank [95%]Deposit runes [100%]Withdraw Essence [100%] Other RCing [1%] Complete Air Rune Support [75%]Run Energy (toggle) [0%]Scan bank for Essence [100%][Check for Talisman or Tiara [0%]Automatically walk to the nearest mysterious ruin[0%]Add support for other ruins[0%]Initiate in-script anti ban[3%]10+ Antiban Measures[0%] Anybody have any other Feature idea's? Post Below and maybe it'll find its way into the features
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