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  1. tried to send a message but i cant unfortunately Alright bro love your scripts i use them on multiple different accounts trying to use script queuer but i need to know the arguemnts to set up the acc to auto come on and do what i want it to rather than load and just ask for my input! need this for your agility script if possible too please
  2. anyway to use arguments for the script* want to use this in my script queue
  3. who's Naton? I'm a noob thats new here - where is his discord?
  4. Request: Hunter script Description: Something that will train hunter for me pretty much like the other premium scripts Payment Amount: Ideally looking to pay 5 dollars every 2 weeks? or per month either way Time: hunter is the one thing im missing so asap would be good + there are no premium scripts for it Additional: Any additional comments.
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