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  1. MagicSystem

    TRiBot Release 8.00_0

    Thanks ;D
  2. MagicSystem

    ePlank - aio plank maker [updated]

    have you updated script because new rs update? some scripts using run need be fixed and yours maybe to
  3. MagicSystem

    AIO Planker

    Need update because new rs update the bot trying clic on run but don(t work
  4. MagicSystem

    Auto Miner

    Hi i'm testing your script and work very good Maybe just need 1 thing, can you add a bank all? Thanks
  5. i like to test your script but your code don't work
  6. Sometimes bot stay with bank open doing nothing only turnig around camera
  7. MagicSystem

    Integer's introduction to Scripting

    Still waiting
  8. Hi When i wake up my bots have log out 1 whith 1.8k flax in bank and stuck on random Freaky forestier and aparently after 1k flax don't spin it and other bot stuck upstairs with flax in bag and doing nothing ty
  9. MagicSystem

    AIO Planker

    Testing now
  10. Black? is this a problem ? edit* Bot start good today but 2hr later he grab all box to bag and stop he stay there doing nothing........
  11. The bot have a "stupid" problem in one account this work very good and in other account don't work just stand there doing nothing if i put trap in my way bot take the trap into my bag .....