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  1. Description of the Bug: Im using Free Farm mode, account is lvl 55 Slayer 75 Range. Tasks work fine but as soon as i select free farm mode, the bot banks at the given lcoation (eg. edgeville or ge) withdraws all needed items and food but then banks everything again and starts withdrawing the same items over and over untill it realises the loop and stops. Client Debug: https://gyazo.com/bd353f16d8d858677bd52dad3646d68e Bot Debug: https://gyazo.com/c56ed94422d3151954efa129c4db18e3 Deleted hooks 2 times Banking -> amulet of glory edgeville and slayer ring is activated. the script also withdraws a slayer ring and the needed tp items imo... also it works fine for the tasks with every tp
  2. i have the same problem. when i activate esc to close interfaces the script does its work normally but it just keeps on opening interfaces and closing them randomly again i also get stuck in a bank loop when trying to activate free farm mode. tasks work great but free farm stucks in a bank loop and ends. any tips?
  3. Good work mate, keep it up! Seems to work flawless until now
  4. hey man, first of all, great release. i noticed some minor buggs while using it. First, it got stuck on prayer leveling with the message : Detected multiple occurrences of message: (what ever the monk says when youre stealing the wine) so everytime it finished its inventory of bones it tries to kill itself by grabbing the wine, but at the 6th time it always ends the script instead of respawning and starting again with a fresh inventory. Second was at the Quest with the shop assistant, there it got stuck just beside the front door of the shop. i turned roofs off and walked inside manually. All in all it looks like a soli script! Keep it up
  5. Nice script mate U did a good Job
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