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  1. Right now there is no safe botting.. I botted for 1.5 hour last night using one of the most advanced bots on this website. Woke up to my account banned. Account was never botted on in the first place... Second personal account that got banned this week.
  2. Hi, the bot isn't working at lumby atm. Doesn't seem to click on the range. However it works fine in Catherby
  3. U guys still need? U still need? whats ur discord
  4. Non cause it will get you banned instantly. Every vps i've used had flagged ip's
  5. nBlast Furnace Script is flawless and has a lvl 3 account function, mule funcition and GE restock. If you have any questions or problems then Naton usually replies within minutes. Deffinetly best script I have ever used.
  6. Hello I see that in the proggies it is possible to get 1700+ addy bars per hour, however I am only getting 1150-1200 bars per hour, i'm using coal bag, stamina's, ice gloves and boots of lightning. Can anyone tell me how to raise the amount of bars I get per hour?
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