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Royal Crs

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  1. tell me price paying with PP.
  2. good service didnt take to long at all decent prices and one of the best in the business
  3. yep when im full he dont go to wild 20 and teleport to castlewars also there is a other problem which didn't occur yesterday he doesn't pick up the loot anymore it just says searching.
  4. everything works great job, little side note when he isfully done looting he doesn't seem to figure out what to do he should go to castle wards, in the chat under me there were spamming text messages the he needed to walk to wild 20 and then teleport but that didn't happen.
  5. Royal Crs

    need x2 bonds

    no i give you 07 3m for 2x bond we swap
  6. Royal Crs

    need x2 bonds

    need 2 07 bonds pls trade me in rs3 cuz cheaper for 3m.
  7. vps is to easy to setup lol.
  8. Royal Crs

    Tzhaar bots?

    ye some scripts are waste of money.
  9. no problem it is all good windows 10 support tribot.
  10. Royal Crs

    Managing bots

    isnt 50+ way to much? 5 - 10 is enough to have a great cash income i guess.
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