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  1. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    MINOR UPDATE Witch House will now grab the key you get from the fountain if in the bank Waterfall now uses Prayer for the Waterfall Dungeon
  2. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    UPDATE Minor bug fix to obscure rare bug on prayer(Pker Death) i wasnt able re-create this from vigorously testing the task ive changed the code anyway and added more debug if it happens again please send me the Client Logger debugs
  3. ELON

    ELON Mage Cape

    All Fixed thank you for the report
  4. ELON

    ELON Mage Cape

    Not currently but i plan to add some more things to this one once i get some more accounts ready to test the changes if you want anything added specifically let me know
  5. ELON

    ELON Mage Cape

    you cant get killed by a pker while fighting the bosses in mage cape 1 quest pretty sure since boss always has aggro to you can only really get killed in that area when getting the 100 spell count for casting the god spells outside of the mage arena which the script doesn't support anyways but yeah i do plan to add death support for mage arena in case you die while fighting the bosses or some how get pked soon thought i would just release now without as its very rare you will die to bosses if ever if using magic prayer and im going to update it with death support in a few days once i have a account without mage cape 1 done ready to test changes with @Todd
  6. ELON

    ELON Mage Cape

    OVERVIEW: Completes The Mage Cape Quest FX Easy To Use Gui Paint Custom Equipment Support Custom Inventory Support (automatically recognizes if you have Prayer potions) Magic Prayer Support Custom Spell Support (Max Fire Bolt) Message Me if you want me to add the death rune spells DESCRIPTION: Travels to Edgeville if you are not at the mage bank deposits your equipment and inventory and withdraws a knife and then travels to the mage bank arena using the Edgeville wildly tele lever. If die by a pker it will run back to edgeville and tele up again and run to the mage bank. It does not support death at the mage arena when fighting the bosses currently you should very rarely die there if ever if using prayer. Once at the mage bank arena it will withdraw your custom equipment and inventory and select the spell you have selected in the GUI and start the mage arena quest. After you have killed the bosses it will grab 3 capes and ends the script. SCRIPT LINK: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3602
  7. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Minor Update Paint Updated now displays what lvl you are training to and what your current level is
  8. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    the script will train prayer to lvl 43 to 48 choosing a random lvl in between there to stop at you dont need to stop the script and restart it im going to add some more information to the paint so it will tell you what lvl its training to for each skill and your current lvl yeah it does select defensive auto cast for mage by default would you prefer it not gain any defense levels i was thinking about changing that to the other one just the few defense levels it gains while training magic helps alot with slayer on the lower lvl monster tasks
  9. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    UPDATE VERSION 0.2 Exception on tree gnome village fixed Exception on Grand Exchange Fixed Script Randomly Ending on itemCheck should be Fixed Improved the maths on Grand Exchange of purchasing Items(may still need minor Tweaking let me know) Fixed Script sometimes getting stuck after pker Death at Lumby Bank on Prayer Grand Exchange added a extra fail safe incase of buy limit Woodcutting added a shift drop option Box to the gui with 2 options Tribot Api and Elon api Fixed Script sometimes useing logs on trees while woodcutting after shift dropping the script may still click use sometimes on the logs if your useing Tribot Api to shift drop i added a fail safe for it to deal with it but so it doesnt use the log on the tree @kelthstone thank you for the bug reports again and if you could please pm me either on here or discord with some more info on that witch house bug ill get it fixed as i just run another account through and wasn't able to get it and i suggest trying the new option to shift drop Elon Api as the shift drop method you were useing is tribots shift drop Api by default the new shift drop options in the gui is selected as Tribot Api P.S @Zaross i am looking into options to improve the Prayer one option i might do is add a option to use house altar as adding pker detection to world hop while at wildy altar becomes very bot like and can sometimes fail if they are not skulled and attack you so that wouldn't really be a full proof option and I am currently testing changes so it uses bones faster after getting attacked they will be uploaded to repo version later today or tomorrow
  10. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Thank you for the feedBack so instead of afking and letting the bones be used automaticlly you want it to manually click each bone and use it on the altar so its faster if so i wont be doing that as it currentley simulates that your afk which is better anti-ban wise and you only take one inv of bones at a time so if you die its no big risk you will just hop worlds so dont run into same pker then go back up can i ask did your account already have combat lvl before starting i may need to put in a option for house prayer in the gui if higher lvls are getting pked to often at the wildy altar as i have only run cb lvl accounts under 20 through and even if i died a few times the amount of bones you save at wildy prayer because %50 of the time it doesnt consume the bone ends up being less bones then house altar even with a few pker deaths P.S i will check why it didnt keep useing bones while getting attacked to try and get a few more in before it dies and fix it
  11. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    thank you for the bug reports will get them all fixed right away and the script is currentley designed to travel back to c wars after a pker death i will change that later on so it banks fully at lumbridge and travels back to lava maze ill just get these bugs fixed first im not sure why it was getting stuck on witch house in between search cupboard and rat run plenty of accounts through recentley on it and didnt get that bug i would need some more info on that bug please so i could figure out what it was P.S the stringToInt shouldnt have failed like that it is saying it couldnt grab the string from the ge it has a check before that to make sure the correct ge window is substantiated so thats weird i have put in extra fail safe for it to stop it from happening again
  12. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Script is now on the Repo just had to Fix a small Bug With Gui not loading correctly for repo version ENJOY!!! please leave feedback
  13. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Fully automated Nmz ready account builder with loads of customization QUESTS SUPPORTED: Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Witch House Lost City Vampire Slayer Rock Cake Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant Quests Animal magnetism Ernest The Chicken Restless Ghost Priest In Peril Waterfall SKILLS SUPPORTED: Slayer Range Mage Woodcutting Prayer Fishing Crafting FireMaking EXTRA / ANTIBAN FEATURES: Dark Mode Modern FX Easy To Use GUI Mid Quest Support Custom Equipment Grand Exchange Support (Will Buy your Custom Equipment If Missing) Custom Combat style for Quest Bosses Automaticlly picks best Spell to Auto cast (Max Fire Bolt) Custom Break Handler (recommend) Sleek Paint Quests And Skills Are toggable (Prayer Lvls Can not be turnt Off) Custom Eat and Drink Pray % Multiple ways to deal with chat Food used can be Changed (post me if you want a certain food added) Shuffles Quest List Automaticlly Shuffles Banking Withdraw Order/Ge Buy Order Multiple Areas for Training skills Randomly Picks One Advanced Grand Exchange Api Advanced Banking Api ABC 2 Lvl 10 Automatically turns off your music and roofs ect..... And Much More To complete all quests and skills on a fresh lvl 3 account 1.4 Mil minimum is recommend Get Script Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3598
  14. ELON

    ELON FireMaker

    FIXED Thankyou for the bug report
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