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  1. Keyboard.typeKeys('2'); is what your looking for @testing1 that presses enter everytime after typing the keys pretty sure he doesn't want that
  2. ELON


    sorry im discontinuing all my scripts as my code is not up to tribot standards and needs a full re write I may come back after my programming course is finished late this year and I have more knowledge in coding
  3. ELON


    most casual botters don't know what ids are sorry it will stay the name and ive added world hop support if players greater then xx in combat area or if cannon that not yours in combat area just need to test it gotta get off now unfortunately should be live tomorrow
  4. ELON


    sorry been meaning to add that feature just been busy with my free 1 click nmz ready script ill try get this feature added later tonight or tommorow
  5. 1) Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) none2) Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) none 3) Randoms/updates submitted: [Source] (Link to thread) none 4) Scripts available to the public: [Source] (Link to thread) https://github.com/Elon333/ELON-Combat-Aio https://tribot.org/forums/topic/81420-elon-combat/ GUI ABC 2 lvl 10 https://github.com/Elon333/ELON-Restless-Ghost https://github.com/Elon333/RESTLESS-GHOST https://github.com/Elon333/ELON-Priest-in-Peril https://tribot.org/forums/topic/81399-elon-priest-in-peril/ https://tribot.org/forums/topic/81492-elon-1-click-nmz-ready-pre-alphafree/ GUI ABC 2 lvl 10 P.S the GE CODE is not mine and I have just band-aided it for now until I completely re write my own 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I started learning how to code about over a year ago completely self teaching my self everything from scratch since then I have been constantly coding close to everyday since and constantly improving I even started a discord a few months back with a few scripters in it bbu20 and testing1 are in it and martin just so I can learn more vice versa I'm Currently just working part time at a Petrol station few houses down from me I only do that a couple days a week I also have no social life so I have plenty of time to code and make scripts for tribot im also booked in for a cert 4 programming course that starts in 2 months its only 3 days a week so I will still have plenty of time to make scripts for tribot and update my scripts 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I am providing tribot with very useful free scripts which in theory brings in more vip purchases like my 1 click nmz ready which currently supports 10 quests and 6 skills with full abc 2 and this script has been no small task ive been working on it for a while and im still constantly working on it and im constantly updating my scripts with premium script lvl features like task choice on my nmz script with gui or my combat aio bot for example gui support cannon support save/load different files inventory set up support with gui 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I'm currently working on a 1 click NMZ ready script it is on the repo its currently still only in PRE-ALPHA phase I have been constantly updating it every day or 2nd day since I released it I recently just added Task choice so you pick what task you wanna do with the GUI and I still have lots more features coming for it like purchase all items option on GUI Waterfall quest and much more also I am still providing updates to my combat AIO script I plan to add sand crab support for that next Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] YES @wastedbro the abc 2 reaction times data are in the Fight class line: 156 to 169 the full methods are in the AntiBan class and Utilty class line: 65 to 88 I have even made the abc 2 hover and open menu work much better for combat by making it hover or open menu the npc you are not attacking and when the npc you are attacking hp is under 20% called on Fight class Line 189 to 198 full method AntiBan class line: 1199 to 1230 which simulates a human much better ty for the feedback and I will defiantly be hitting you up for advice now that you said I could @Todd it pretty much uses the same methods im using in my 3 open source scripts that I applied with and those scripts are much easier to go through and for new scripters to learn off as my 1 click nmz ready script is quite a large script and its not something im planning on sharing open source at this point of time and its still in pre-alpha phase not finished @FALSkills thank you for the feedback im not sure why it has banking.withdraw under exchange.offer() there its not meant to be there and ill work on fixing my redundancy and my Main class run loops and I did clean my code using the built in ide tool before I posted it doesn't do much but ill haft to go through it manually or configure the tool better @Netami which script bugged for your friend? @FALSkills yeah ill remove the wait condtion for the withdrawing gold how should I handle my main run loop I noticed on your scripter application you just used a while(Login.getLoginState()!=Login.STATE.INGAME || !gui.isCompleted) { and (vars.isrunning) for your node loop would a simple safety timer suffice? like I have done in my combat script @[email protected]@HeyImJamie hey ive updated my restless ghost code would highly appreciate some more feedback on it please and should i do the same to my preist in peril script or should i write a diffrent script up since 2 quest scripts is hard to show my knowledge of the api im just not sure what to write up but I could write up a aio crafter or aio wc but theres enough of them already and im still working on a way to handle npc chat better that involves using keyboard hold space while not making it bot like or have issues ive had no luck but I even looked through fluffees npc chat open source and couldn't find a better way to loop through the continue chat while holding space down then what ive already done I asked about this subject a few times in discord over the last few months aswell and not be able to find a cleaner way of doing it from what ive noticed from the other prem scripters is that my code isn't up to tribot standard I may come back later this year or start of next year once I have finished my programming course and have re written my scripts and 1 or 2 different ones as instructed with the new knowledge I have thank you for your time
  6. has he released it yet don't see link? think its still under devolpment
  7. na don't think there is anything for it but you can use Mouse.drag(start,end,1); to help with building your own
  8. ELON

    Auto Crafter Pro

    @Laniax I can send you some code for this that you could just copy paste in my aio combat uses JFileChooser to load/save different files with a gui if you just wanna copy paste if from there heres link https://github.com/Elon333/ELON-Combat-Aio
  9. were they tut island botted they highly watch that and if using proxies make sure they are residential other then that maybe try a different script good luck
  10. ELON


  11. ELON


    UPDATE V 1.3 -Cannon Support currently does not work with breaks ill add support for breaks tomorrow hopefully -Customize ABC2 Delay chance -Mouse speed -Banking code Updated
  12. think you should just get your tin foil hat off and just worry about the main things that cause bans but anyway nice theory no way really to prove if it is true or not
  13. ELON


    cannon support will be up tomorrow just need to do a bit more testing before release
  14. ELON


    most likely not until next weekend still working on my 1 click nmz ready script then going to add cannon support to this then after that ill add sand crab support and ill need some time to test sand crabs for a good amount of run time on multiple accounts before releasing
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