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  1. Hmm okay, will look into one of them.
  2. That doesn't make sense. Doing tutorial island on your home IP, then changing to a proxied IP afterwards is a way higher flag than being on the single proxied IP the whole time... Am I missing something?
  3. I don't understand. So all the guides on this site are completely wrong? And the recommended private proxy providers are wrong? Is the only way to not get instabanned to buy a VPS per account or two? And even if you do, how is the private IP on a VPS any different to a private SOCKS proxy? The only difference I can see is that there could be flaws in how TriBot handles the proxy, causing accidentally connections from your real IP, being an obvious flag.
  4. Hey guys, I'm pretty new here but have been writing my first script, which I've just finished. First few days of development I was just using 'new client' within TriBot, and accounts were getting banned left, right, and centre. I quickly learned of the "Looking Glass" feature, and have been using it to 'hook' onto an OSBuddy client. Since then I've had no issues with my test/development accounts getting banned, and the three I've been using to gather NPC values, positions, debug scripts etc have not been banned or locked out at all. Since finishing the script today, I followed pretty much every guide available and did the following in order: Bought new SOCKS5 private proxies (got 3) Installed Maxthon browser Configured Maxthon to use proxy (and verified IP had changed successfully) Created new RS account through proxied Maxthon browser Launched OSBot and immediately minimized (as per normal) Launched TriBot launcher, and launched TriBot with my new proxy selected Clicked "New Looking Glass" Right clicked on looking glass tab and hit "Set Proxy" and changed to my proxy (unsure if this is needed given step 6) Completed tutorial island manually Started my script I subsequently got a "We think someone stole your account" within about 15 minutes. Followed by a "Your account is disabled" (perma banned). I thought I must have missed something, so I very cautiously did it all again with a new account on a separate proxy. Again, within 30mins I'm perma banned. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not getting banned on my accounts that aren't using the proxies, but as soon as I use a proxy, I get banned? If anyone can shed some light on this I'd very much appreciate it, because at this point it looks safer (and cheaper) to just bot on a non-proxied IP. - r
  5. Hey, Fairly new and have scoured the forums but can't seem to find much on this topic. I want to understand how proxies work with Looking Glass. I understand there are two ways to get LG to work, using either a browser, or 32bit OSBuddy. I'm currently using 32bit OSBuddy and am able to successfully hook the two together. As I'm still in the testing phase I'm just using a single proxy that my whole PC network is being routed through. This is the same IP that created the RS account, and is currently connected to RS servers via OSBuddy, as it's a HTTP proxy not a SOCKS, so just times out (is incompatible) with TriBot. LG is running well and I can see the script doing it's thing from either client. LG just hooks onto the OSBuddy client, and all the actual data is being sent through it, and not LG right? Meaning even if I was running a SOCKS proxy through the TriBot client, it wouldn't actually be sending the data through that proxy, LG would just sent the commands to OSBuddy, which would then send the data through my main IP ? Any info on this would be much appreciated
  6. Hey guys, I was having this issue and then noticed the "Client -> Disable Graphics" option. Which upon enabling completely stops the graphics within TriBot, but when I maximize OSBuddy it is running buttery smooth, and the script is still running flawlessly (well actually even better as there's no lag). My question is; are there any risks involved with this setting? My guess is no, as all the mouse movements, etc are still happening, they're just not displayed in TriBot, which is just an overlay of what OSBuddy is seeing, and not actually what the client is seeing anyway right? Fairly new, so just wanted to be sure.
  7. Any change you'll be re-uploading the source? The link doesn't resolve, and I'm very interested in seeing your integration between the GUI and the client code. I'm just starting my scripting journey and most of my coding experience is C++, so being able to read through such a clean running script would be all kinds of helpful. Also not sure if it's been updated since @heavy_rope 's comment, but the script definitely doesn't get stuck for me. I thought it was stuck in the dialog, but turns out it was just antiban, letting the script leave the game every now and then, making it look more realistic, rather than a pixel perfect and efficient bot. Eventually it kept progressing.
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