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  1. My clients keep lagging really hard at 1 hour uptime? Any idea why? Happened 5 or 6 times now, exactly on 1 hour.
  2. You can also kill the thread if that doesn't work. Don't have the code handy for it and it's probably not the best practice but eh.
  3. samcm

    Login screen state

    Are you calling Login.login() yourself? If you do that without disabling the clients auto-login you'll probably get a double up. You'll call the initial login, then the client will pick it up (possibly when its in the world-hop screen) which will probably make it hold. Just let the client handle logging back in.
  4. You should post your code If you feel comfortable with that
  5. I truthfully can't help you as I've never really had to deal with shops. On the off case I did I just used @TehRhio's shopping snippet https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31729-shopping-api/?hl=shopping
  6. Not 100% sure what you mean but I assume you're clicking an object? If so: DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(yourObject[0],"Right click Menu option");
  7. samcm

    Calculator script buying items

    OSBuddy does
  8. It's a location thing. AU to NA is 200ms and I can't do anything about that unfortunately. Edit: I'll buy a US VPS and test with that just so I can track it down.
  9. Verison number: 1.64 Combat / Selling Mode?: Selling Description of the bug: Enters a game without the other player in the party. Will sit in there until it times him out or I die. GUI settings, picture only: PM me if you really want it, would prefer not to post that publicly. Print script stack trace: (To do this, when the bug OCCURS, ONLY WHEN IT OCCURS or while it's occuring, you should go on top tribot, and you will see "Script", Press that then go to "Print script stack trace", this should print something to your client debug. Copy and paste whatever it prints (Should be more than 2+ lines) to this field) Will edit this in if I catch it doing it in the future. Additional information: I'm playing with constant 200-250ms ping so I'm fairly sure thats the cause of the problem.
  10. Yes and no. I agree it should be a feature but I hate the thought that people are able to run huge farms with a few clicks and very very limited knowledge. If you want to run a farm of that size either put in the work or write your own account handler script/ gold farming script.
  11. samcm

    need guidance in scripting my own script

    Nice post Extreme nitpicking though: you can use the name instead of ID. Saves you from having to change it if the ID changes. if(Inventory.getCount("Santa hat") > 0){ //Do x}
  12. samcm

    need guidance in scripting my own script

    Have you setup an IDE yet? Such as Eclipse or IntelliJ.
  13. Really cool project, nice work @TRiLeZ Here's 21 of them. I'm now a CSGO god. Xmouse_data-4841-1417695543354.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420507875007.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420508663684.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420509144497.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420509681637.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420510541337.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420511092945.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420511707165.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420512220897.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420513019481.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420513855882.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420518531523.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420519104256.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420519624442.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420520114149.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420521904699.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420522461191.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420523198369.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420524345884.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420524814275.dat Xmouse_data-4841-1420525249123.dat
  14. samcm

    need guidance in scripting my own script

    What are you struggling with? Post your problems here