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  1. I'm assuming you've already tried this but: My very Linux inexperienced mind says to just throw 'sudo chmod 777 /root/java/.userPrefs' at it which would probably fix it but I'm not sure if its the best way and/or the safest.
  2. You can also kill the thread if that doesn't work. Don't have the code handy for it and it's probably not the best practice but eh.
  3. Are you calling Login.login() yourself? If you do that without disabling the clients auto-login you'll probably get a double up. You'll call the initial login, then the client will pick it up (possibly when its in the world-hop screen) which will probably make it hold. Just let the client handle logging back in.
  4. You need to do it 20-22 times yourself and then upload it to the thread. Trilez will then activate it on your account.
  5. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/
  6. If you aren't using your human mouse data don't even bother.
  7. The Old School portion has been here very close to launch (March 2013). The RS3 portion I'm going to say 2012 maybe 2011...? Someone else could probably clarify.
  8. There is 3, 1 and 3 stickies in those respective forums. Don't really see how that could be considered cluttered. The mods get this small boost in exposure in trade for the work they do in keeping the forums tidy. Seems more than fair to me.
  9. You should post your code If you feel comfortable with that
  10. I swear to god you've shit-posted so much today it's legit impressive.
  11. Is your windows date correct?
  12. I truthfully can't help you as I've never really had to deal with shops. On the off case I did I just used @TehRhio's shopping snippet https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31729-shopping-api/?hl=shopping
  13. Not 100% sure what you mean but I assume you're clicking an object? If so: DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(yourObject[0],"Right click Menu option");
  14. OSBuddy does