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  1. Come on Troll, you can do it! Don't want to do all the Pure essence I have by hand, it will slowly kill me..
  2. Mouse doesn't move and it says 'Interacting with ditch' or something like that, was a couple hours ago so not too sure.
  3. Script is broken, after jumping over the ditch it just stands there and does nothing.
  4. V3.5 was running almost flawless, only things that could have been improved was banking. It clicked 2 bank displays all the time so it wouldn't bank cause it would move to the other bank display and vice versa.
  5. In V3.5 of the script I got easily 1050+ Natures/hour but since the script got updated I'm only getting around 850-950 Natures/hour, any idea why?
  6. Hovers over the entrance of the Mysterious Ruins and won't get any further without any help. Other then that its working fine.
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