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  1. So, i've already purchased the script, but, when i start the script nothing happens {client debug} [18:37:01] Downloading script 'daxCombat AIO'. [18:37:07] Hello, mishy! You can check your stats by going to api.daxmagex.com [18:37:08] Your password is: ----- [18:37:08] Script Started: daxCombat AIO. [18:37:08] ABCv2 Implemented! [18:37:08] Use script arguments by combining your controls,loot, and banking profiles with the pattern ",," [18:37:08] For example, "Chaos Druids, Loot Herbs, Ardougne Banking" will load your Chaos Druids controls ui_utils, Loot Herbs looting ui_utils etc etc Buut after that simply nothing happens, solutions?
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