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    TriBot's best private proxy provider. Skype RSpengar

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  1. Happy bday boys! See you in the club.
  2. This is great for the community, as the old itemDBs don't got the new items.
  3. I don't think you ever get banned for buying gold, but always for selling gold. What this means, is your most smooth strategy would be to sell the gold for BitCoins or another trusted currency, then buy it back to your main.
  4. Can you hook me up with a proxy? or recommend anyone trustworthy?

  5. If you run 2 or more accounts you definitely need proxies. Many people have witnessed bans because they run multiple accounts on same IP. You need to have sock5 proxies that are ready to be installed on TriBot. In fact, I been selling proxies on TriBot since 3 years back, and resetting up my store very soon.
  6. I used to be the biggest Proxy provider on TriBot and might start again soon. For now, head over to Black Market and choose one of the providers down there.
  7. Hi, You experienced scripters out there who are looking for a partner, have just found one. With ample knowledge in TriBot API, you can now help me create various goldfarming scripts. In return, you'd get very good compensation. Do you have the experience it takes? Add my Skype: RSPengar
  8. Hello to all new guys, hope you'll like me! And hellooo again my gold old friends! I am now officialy back on track! I am here to contribute to the community just like back in the days! See you around!
  9. Who sells bulk dark bows?