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  1. doesnt work, just pick hides up, doesnt kill any cows..
  2. doesnt work, i type in the ID/name, and then just stops..
  3. was good at the start.. walked to the cows spot, and then just ended, didnt even open the gate
  4. wont let me download, i click download and nothing happenes, it just comes back up..
  5. like i open it, and then time thing comes up, doesnt matter wat i out in it, it doesnt seem to work??
  6. wats with the time thingg??? doesnt matter wat i put in it, or close it, but it doesnt even work....
  7. just stand on the fire and keep trying to light the logs.....bit bugged
  8. can some1 post the devloader download link please? really appreciate it
  9. ive had tribot for awhile, and i downloaded some scripts, i click start scripts and nothing happens.., so i deleted the scripts that i downloaded, and it still wont let me "start scripts" to use other scripts, it comes up with this everytime i click ""start script" [19:22:31] META-INF/MANIFEST.MF[19:22:31] Main.class any help please? would appreciate it, thanks!
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