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  1. Fluffee, Thank you for responding again, it did not change anything for when I open the .jar file, I still get a blank window titled "Tribot Login". As for the weird script issue, I can run it without issue on my newer laptop, it seems odd to me. Would it be useful to provide specs for each pc? As far as the debug goes, how would I access that? I'm brand new to actually trying to bot and wanted to see how things work before I commit any resources. So I really have no idea how to show the debug interface. thanks
  2. Quick update: I tried your above suggestion with the command prompt having admin privilege. That solved the error code 5, but the script is still behaving poorly. I'll upload screenshots of what I see below. When setting up a profile in the script: Then after clicking select location: When I select other locations, I get an image of the equipment I can use (small net, big net, harpoon, etc.) to select. Not here. I then get the same problem with the type of fish (should be a picture of a lobster). I am also unable to select deposit box for the banking style as i should be due to the deposit box at port sarim. All of this works fine on my new laptop I use for school/work. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have to fix this issue.
  3. Hello, I'm having an issue that may or may not be due to anything in your script, and could be solely on the client side. Please see the following thread, perhaps you can give suggestions? Thanks
  4. Fluffee, Thank you for responding. Here are the answers: 1. 2. No VPN is installed 3. I do not have any software that let's me "stream" a second monitor, but do have both teamviewer and chrome remote desktop installed on both the old and new laptops. 4. I moved the tribot loader into my java folder (for ease to CD into) and ran your command. I was able to see the login screen when the loader opened, however, I'm still having trouble with the bot itself as described above. Maybe I'll post a comment in the thread for that specific bot for the guy who wrote the script to see later. Here is what the cmd gave me after I ran your command. Is there a way to fix this error? I didn't run the cmd as admin, maybe that would fix it? Thanks
  5. I have 2 laptops. (both WIN 10, similar specs). On my newer one, tribot works just fine. On the older one (the one I plan to use more), I get a blank window when I open the tribot launcher. When moving the mouse over it I still get the changing cursor (such as the big I to indicate text), and I'm able to navigate it while comparing the newer laptop login screen. I wouldn't be starting a thread if this was the only problem. I went to use the lite-FTW fishing script and was unable to select the northeastern Karamja location's equipment or fish to catch. I imagine that these are related. The Java environment is the latest (downloaded today from the link on this website). I'm not sure what could be going wrong. Thanks for any help in advance. I'm happy to post screenshots, but blank windows are pointless.
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