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  1. it wasnt in my bank or in my invo and the placeholder was there still. i had drop warnings off lol i have since changed that
  2. uhhhmmm so, i went go go check my barrows bot and my anguish and black dhide set was missing from my bank and inventory, i believe when it was switching gears it lagged and must have clicked drop..
  3. My favorite script is the nblastfurnace. It has so many features and settings. The MLM coal bag beta works very well too. Well worth the price, currently have 8 accounts running rune ore and 4 more that can run addy and are a few levels off rune. Memes below hehe sorry if they're inappropriate
  4. i dont seem to have the same options as what is featured in the pictures on this post. Is there a way to disable the option to bring food?
  5. No luck still really tired of not being able to use the bot/paid scripts every other time i close the client
  6. Hi I have been having trouble with looking glass since i downloaded tribot. I have gotten it to work before but if the client closes, it no longer works and gets suck on the no client found, 32-bit window, i have tribot running thru JDK 102 32-bit and OSbuddy [every time i got it to work, it worked only with osbuddy] running as the .jar file. When i go into my windows firewall and defender, under "allow an app thru firewall", i have Java binary SE allowed for both private and public networks [this was originally the problem, and removing it and readding it seemed to work but no longer does]. I have also tried to completely turn off my windows defender firewall public, private and domain, none worked sadly. It seems to be a very hit or miss thing with me, sometimes it works flawlessly and then other times it can't even find the client. Any advice/teamviewer help would really be nice. Another issue i have is that i end up trying so many different things that i forget what i did in order to get it to work -.- Thank you!
  7. hi im having trouble loading my gear, when i click load gear nothing happens
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