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  1. We is every one besides you. We have abandoned the term because #BlackLivesMatter get with the times man get some air go outside
  2. Excuse me it is 2020 and we have abandoned the terms "black list" and "white list" also you are speaking common sense
  3. Can you run this script from a fresh lvl3 now? If I read everything right the only thing you should have to worry about is some task based reqs and ofc gear reqs or am I wrong?
  4. Did you know that botting is against the game rules and will result in a ban? Huh no? Then there you go I just helped you out a little
  5. How do you know that OP doesn't want this for gold farming? I can see any quest being tedius if you have to do them 50+ times. Also he is willing to pay for it so why are you saying it is a waste of time?
  6. DaAlmyte


    ????????? Are you ok friend?
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