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Everything posted by ITryNotToTroll

  1. Hey there! Features: Uses the "Tan Leather" spell to tan leatherSupports all LeatherABCL10You want more!? What else is there!?Locations: Be near a bank Special thanks to @sevant for lending me an account
  2. Hey there! ITryNotToTroll here with a nice Superheating script for you all! Features: FreeSmelts all bars ProgressiveCan limit amount of natures in inventoryABC antibanArgument support!Locations: All supported by tribot! How to use arguments: In the arguments box, input something to the format of: AmountOfNatures,BarName1,BarAmount1,BarName2,BarAmount2 ect. e.g: 1000,Steel Bar,200,Gold Bar,300
  3. Logs out when players are nearby. Features: Runs in background, you can use other scripts with this! Just run this first! (Thanks @wastedbro !)Optional: Only log out from certain levels!Only log out when other player is skulled!Only log out when in wilderness! How to turn off script: Execute the animation you have put the ID for in the GUI, the default is 863 which is for the animation "Wave"
  4. Hey there! I just made a simple thieving leveling script! Features: FreePickpockets MenSteals from Tea StallPickpockets Master FarmerPerfect for Gold farmers!Start at level 1 with some food in the bank!Good for money and xp!Banks for food and deposits seeds!Locations: Start anywhere! Uses webwalking
  5. Hey there! ITryNotToTroll here with a nice Smelter script for you all! Features: FreeSmelts all bars JewelleryCannonballs!ABCL10Locations: All! (Ask if you want any to be added, you may have to provide an account)
  6. Any chance you could lend me your account for testing? I have none with members at the moment. Pm me or skype me
  7. Edit 2 Thanks for the nice feedback, I'm just waiting on a new power supply for my computer then I'll fix it for you
  8. I mean I'm also ex-staff, but my poor rank :'( Damn young me being stupid
  9. Look in my signature mate
  10. Hit me up on skype and I'll fix it for you
  11. I'm confused, you posted in the wrong section, you was directed as to where to post
  12. Hi! Features: Makes wines at any bankHas a paintWhat else do you want!?Locations: Be near a bank
  13. Thanks To everyone else I died for a bit, but I'm alive now so I'll try and fix some shit up soontm
  14. Thank you
  15. Sucks to be me, I'm in first year still, I still get the lovely and informative intro to oo lectures
  16. Hey there! ITryNotToTroll here with a nice jewellery crafting script for you all! Features: FreeSmelts all bars JewelleryCannonballs!Locations: All! (Ask if you want any to be added, you may have to provide an account)
  17. Made some logos for me, they were beautiful! Pretty good price as well, a lot lower than I expected! Vouch x 50
  18. Restart your client. Turn off resizable. Turn off zoom. Restart your client again.
  19. I'll look into it when I have time, getting ready for uni so I'm super busy, sorry!
  20. It costed 4 digits? What did you buy? Tell me pls
  21. Are these accounts hand made or botted?
  22. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/30185-trilezs-scripting-tutorial/ At least read this first Your problem is you never null checked the object
  23. How so? I use arrow keys when I'm playing personally
  24. It depends on your ABCL profile whether you do this or not. Some accounts will, some accounts won't, just like real people
  25. This pretty much sums it up, but I want to add that you should buy private socks5 proxies and not shared, public ones, because those are a lot more likely to be "flagged" or used by some mass goldfarmer at some point, in my experience