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  1. Troll AIO Furnace [Free] [Cannonballs] [Edgeville] [Jewellery] [ABCL10]

    Any chance you could lend me your account for testing? I have none with members at the moment. Pm me or skype me
  2. Troll AIO Furnace [Free] [Cannonballs] [Edgeville] [Jewellery] [ABCL10]

    Edit 2 Thanks for the nice feedback, I'm just waiting on a new power supply for my computer then I'll fix it for you
  3. TRiBot Rank & Title List

    I mean I'm also ex-staff, but my poor rank :'( Damn young me being stupid
  4. Troll Tan Leather [ABCL10] [1.5m+/h] [100k+ xp/h]

    Look in my signature mate
  5. Troll Tan Leather [ABCL10] [1.5m+/h] [100k+ xp/h]

    Hit me up on skype and I'll fix it for you
  6. wow instantly got censered by tribot mods

    I'm confused, you posted in the wrong section, you was directed as to where to post
  7. Troll Wines [ABCL10]

    Thanks To everyone else I died for a bit, but I'm alive now so I'll try and fix some shit up soontm
  8. Troll Master Thieving [Start at level 1!]

    Thank you
  9. Triangular arrays

    Sucks to be me, I'm in first year still, I still get the lovely and informative intro to oo lectures
  10. Made some logos for me, they were beautiful! Pretty good price as well, a lot lower than I expected! Vouch x 50
  11. Troll Tan Leather [ABCL10] [1.5m+/h] [100k+ xp/h]

    I'll look into it when I have time, getting ready for uni so I'm super busy, sorry!
  12. The current goldfarming wannabes

    It costed 4 digits? What did you buy? Tell me pls
  13. Zezistr's Account Making Services! [MONEY MAKING ACCOUNTS]

    Are these accounts hand made or botted?
  14. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/30185-trilezs-scripting-tutorial/ At least read this first Your problem is you never null checked the object
  15. Scripts should turn camera with scroll wheel.

    How so? I use arrow keys when I'm playing personally