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  1. I have java installed. I installed it to use with the "Tribot_Loader.jar" which was working perfectly.
  2. This may be a stupid question, but I download the installer for Debian 9 and installed it, but I can't figure out how to run it. I tried looking for files in /usr/bin but I didn't see anything there. I ran dpkg-query -L tribot | grep '/bin' and it seems that all files are in a "TRiBot" root folder located at ~/TRiBot but I can't find this folder in my home directory, or anywhere else for that matter. I'm quite new to this, (started under a week ago) so to clarify, this new installer is different than the "Tribot_Loader.jar" correct? I've been using that on Debian so far without any related issues.
  3. @YoHoJo haha it's quite funny that you replied as I read all of your posts on your rsblogpost website. I actually was using proxy6 so I find it quite strange that this provider is having that issue. I know that this provider is one that you recommend, so have you had any similar issues with them? Thanks for the help in advance, you've been a ton of help already. Uses your guides for setting up trivot on a Windows and Linux/debian 9 environment and now experimenting with a debian 9 VPS environment which is going pretty well. Haven't tried too much on it yet as I wanted to resolve my account locking issue first.
  4. So I recently got into Botting with tribot, and before I started out with any of my own bots I did a ton of research and reading about safe bottling practises and tips to prevent bans. I decided to bite the bullet and try out a few accounts. I got 5 private ipv4 socks5 proxies, 5 unique email addresses, and created the 5 accounts through a browser with proxy support so I was creating each account on a separate IP. Then I got tribot setup and set each proxy to one of the 5 tabs I opened in tribot. I logged in to each account and got them through tutorial island. Then I decided to try out the same script on all of them (all on different worlds and still on different IP's) and within a little over an hour, about.5 minutes apart, they were all locked. Now they weren't banned from what I can tell, I got the message "your account has been locked as we suspect it has been stolen". I'm wondering what caused this to happen, and on all 5 of my accounts? Thanks in advance!
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