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  1. Hello, how would you set up the script for chinning; would be really really grateful for a quick but thorough guide. Also, does the script optimize the monkey spawns/locations, so as to maximize xp per hour (i.e. stacking them in the square-ish pattern so the chinchompa blast/dps exponentially spreads)? Additionally does the script offer banking, for extended chinning runs? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer; going to purchase your script next week I believe. edit: it does not seem like the script supports intelligent chinning (i.e. making sure skeletons are in a square to get that 350k xp, versus the 220k the script levels out to for me). purchased the script anyway because it has a lot of other cool functionalities, but it would be really really really cool if you added a special chinning program (hopefully not too hard to code on top of the amazing lines you must already have). just food for thought
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