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  1. @Optimus You can get really good AFK mage xp by attacking the kraken boss whirlpool, without hitting the tentacles, that way the boss doesn't spawn but the you still get the full mage xp and hp xp. There are videos on youtube if you want to see "osrs kraken splashing".
  2. Could you add escape close for bank, and f keys to switch between inventory, magic book, and equipment tabs please?
  3. @NatonIt would be great if you could add support for Kraken splashing, and ancient magiks.
  4. My only issue with this bot is that it has this very fast unhuman like camera movement, and doesn't move the camera often enough to get a clearer view of the obstacles like a human would do.
  5. @Beg What about adding a "space bar" option when making wines, instead of the bot just clicking on the button. Also, it selects the first jug of water in the inventory and uses it on the first grapes in the column, the way I usually do it is clicking the 14th jug and the grapes right next to it, that way there is less travel time. There seems to be a bug where when using the withdraw "x" option in the bank, it closes the bank too quickly before the second ingredient is withdrawn.
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