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    I play hockey and lacrosse, Ferda

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  1. Is there a guide on the basics for botting? If you know of one post link below please
  2. definitely a problem with tribot...
  3. yea the email thats hooked up to my paypal https://gyazo.com/8e67b3688ca29a5e476912e650389eb3 I have bought before with no problem
  4. when I was botting over a month ago it would keep getting stuck on the wilderness gate is this fixed?
  5. When will this be fixed I have a verified paypal and still get this message https://gyazo.com/ed78f6fa32aab87b8ffc0e793fe6b253
  6. https://gyazo.com/ed78f6fa32aab87b8ffc0e793fe6b253 Same thing im using paypal and have a verified paypal account someone help...
  7. I have this same problem right now https://gyazo.com/ed78f6fa32aab87b8ffc0e793fe6b253 It says I have verified email just below
  8. I bought a script from JoeDezzy1 a while ago and now it gets stuck somewhere every once and a while and I dont know how to get a hold of him to inform him. I just need to get his email/skype or something how can I do this?
  9. I might have more questions as each one is answered. Is TriBot compatible with windows 8.1?
  10. Waterfall quest does not start for me. It is stuck at the beginning! http://gyazo.com/0419628dee1957b815952c3b97b1fac9
  11. so [email protected]? I used an password recovery forat with a few changes. Will that work?