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  1. Loading regular bot clients works fine. When selecting New Client Advanced and selecting the proxy to use it gets to "connecting to update server" then black screens on me. Proxy is from Proxyfish and is Socks. Any ideas on why it's not working?
  2. Please remove it auto world hopping to the "LMS World" as they switch consttantly. It's now world 492 and it's spamming to quick hop to 333 still
  3. Script is now messing up food combo. It's doing Shark, Brew, Restore But it's trying to restore instantly after drinking the brew so nothing happens. Needs to just be shark , Brew, Karam (If needed) then short delay into restore and possibly re-range pot.
  4. There's no video really needd. Script walks to the corner near supply chest and instead of clicking join on the girl he spam clicks forfeit on the door.
  5. Script will sometimes get stuck next to the waiting room near the supplies chest where you can edit your loadout and not be able to navigate into joining a game.
  6. First ban on 2 accounts, Both were fresh bonded level 3's. They didn't make it to the 48 hour mark to be able to swap the loot over to a mule but it was close, I was also suiciding them so. Will try again with breaks.
  7. The time it takes the mouse to go to the prayer tab or the inventory tab and actually switch prayes or combo eat, Not sure if you can change that since most NH'ers mouses are legit flying across the screen it shouldn't raise to many flags if it's relatively faste than most scripts would have there's set as.
  8. Changing mouse speed in Tribot client didn't seem to effect the scripts mouse speed. Also here's another proggy. Script doesn't drink restore potions for after shark brew karam combo so most fights that are actually winnable you lose from being 70'ish range. https://gyazo.com/d22e270bfc2363aa6f8172fe9bf5ef6a
  9. Been running it for 45 minutes now. Not sure how script writing works but if mouse speed could be greatly increased to make the prayer switches faster it might survive longer. Maybe it tries to just go up a ladder instantly and hide instead of waiting for someone to attack it. Not too sure tbh unless you just made the combat system fully fight whoever attacks you.
  10. First Update - Account is already in Last man standing and cannot teleport there as I just used the teleport to get there. It's spamming the minigames teleport instead of joining a game
  11. Will definitely give it a shot man and let you know any feedback I come up with. Super interested in this to help any way i can.
  12. I just love playing LMS. I've been NH hybridding for roughly 13 years and win 8/10 of my games depending on if any of my clan is also playing in the same game as me. I GUARANTEE top 3 finishes every single game. I'm pretty sure bank pin etc isn't needed to play LMS Competitive and can do it on any level 3 combat account or whatever you want. Willing to do Vouch games to show I can guarantee the winrate I say. My rates are 750k per 15 Points. To put that into perspective a Guthixian Icon from 0 points would be 25m. Also willing to do payment after each game. Where i'll win the game, screenshot updated points amount and then we trade, Repeat. Or if you just want to pay for a halo or whatever beforehand and leave it to me we can do that too. My Discord - Zyxy#9743 Just dm me if you want to set something up or have a vouch game
  13. I use vSwitcher. I don't use the auto gear switching for it but it works really well packet injecting prayer switches. The price is a bit high though unless you plan on doing high risk fights and profiting from it.
  14. Figured it'd be fun to do one of these to also help myself track my progress. Will keep it updated frequently. hopefully we can avoid those bans and make some money. --Day 1-- Invested in my first premium script, A high level combat one with low user base. Bought TriBot Premium VIP. Total Loss For Day 1 - $15 --Day 2-- Proceeded to make sure script worked well enough that it could do what I wanted for long time periods without being baby sat. Invested in Socks5 Proxy Bought 30m rsgp Bought another account off someone for 25m Used remaining 5m for supplies for second account Total Loss For Day 2 - 30m rsgp + $5 Paypal + Upgraded Script Slots $6 (Roughly) --Day 3-- After Running bots for almost 24 hours straight I'm now at 25m on the mule, 10m in supplies on Account 1 (Original) and 5m in supplies on Account 2 (bought account) (Currently in progress still) If I'm lucky I should end the day with 50'ish mil worth of total gold across 3 accounts which would put me at roughly only at a loss of around 25m total. Day 3 Current money total - 40m'ish.
  15. As the title states how can I mule gold safely? Running 3 bots, 2 on Proxies, 1 on home IP address. Is trading the gold/items over to the mule from the accounts going to get a chain ban when these accounts do eventually get banned? Or do chain bans normally only happen with multiple accounts botting on the same IP address? Does anyone have any tips/advice?
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