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  1. Selling upgrades for only 28m! EOC or 3.2m 07!
  2. Note: I don't use the skype 'AgentPerryRS' anymore, Add 'AgentPerrySales' If you need an upgrade! Hey all! I know i'm new here but i'm always willing to use a middleman. I will need to apply the upgrade myself but trough teamviewer that's completely safe as you can watch me do it. - 1 month upgrades - 3 month upgrades - 6 month upgrades - Runecoins - Spins - just ask me if you need something! =D Ways to contact me: Skype: AgentPerrySales IRC: Agentperry (#smokinmils, #smgamer, #merchz) PM: Checking everyday, multiple times Or post here I need to apply everything myself over teamviewer or you give me account details! Current Price: Ask me on Skype Tos: -I need to apply all upgrades myself, over teamviewer or you give me account details -My only skype is 'AgentPerryRS' and I will never use another skype unless clearly stated -I only go first to people I trust, otherwise we use a MM -I am not responsible for imposters, ALWAYS ask for a PM -You must leave feedback after the trade is done, also a vouch on this thread is much appreciated -I will leave you feedback after the trade
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