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  1. STATUS: OPEN & ACCEPTING ORDERS SOCKS5 Residential Proxies [LIMITED] Hello Everyone! We at Virgin Residentials provide SOCKS5 Residential Proxies for you to create thriving bot farms as safe as possible! Disclaimer: Nothing can prevent bans, even having proxies won't stop the occasional JAGEX swatting. Why Residential? Residential IPs are just like Home IPs, they come from ISPs (Internet Service Providers) therefore they are more tougher to get flagged. Residential vs Datacenter(Normal) Proxies: To clarify: 1) Any account can be locked, but that could be due to a multitude of reasons.. some are of rapid IP change.. some are of flagging reasons.. etc. 2) Lower chance of bans: Due to Residential IPs being of ISP/Non-UNISERVER SUBNET origin, they won't be mass-flagged therefore a lower chance of flags = lower chance of bans 3) Limited/Unlimited Bandwidth: Inside the whole proxy market, they both are offered in the limited (EX: 50 GB ) and Unlimited bandwidth options. Price & Payment Methods: PayPal - $14.99(+$3 PayPal Currency & General Fees) BTC (Crypto Currency) - $14.99 (NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY) OSRSGP - $14.99 (0.51/m) How to Purchase Proxies and/or Request Support: Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/msBWw9h
  2. Hi I am looking for someone who can make me Private tanning script. If you are interested this is my discord Dgunner2000#1745 and we can talk further.
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