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Cyrus Chance

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  1. Excellent script. Done 120+ hours with it with no issues. Fast updates. Just make sure to take breaks and not run it for like 700 hours straight and get banned. Thanks Netami for solid scripts!
  2. Been using this for a couple of days, works great! Just 2 points to be raised so far: 1. Blood runes do not get deposited when banking. 2. Can you put in an option for when to drink prayer potions? Most of the times can get by with the 16 prayer points left but the script drinks the prayer pot around that point. Cheers!
  3. Yea seems so. Thanks for replies guys. Gonna keep poking at it and see if I can get the hang of this new anti bot thing. Cheers.
  4. It seems like their algorithm picks up on the change in player behaviour. If that is the case you might have a better chance of not getting banned on a med to low level account that has mostly botted with one or a few scripts from the beginning. Putting that theory to test atm. Because I botted back in 2011ish from 55 RC to 20Mil RC xp with no issues using the same type of scripts and same account. god help us all...
  5. Got a 2 day ban for botting with this script. Only ran for 12 hours, 6 hours afternoon, and about 6 hours in the morning. Decent account, used to be my main, 113 cmb and about 210 quest points, I even did another skill in between rune crafting. Any idea where I might have gone wrong? When I got to it however my computer had crashed so really not sure what else had happened there...
  6. That is since fixed. Been running it for a day now. Works great. Just make sure to zoom camera out a bit so the script can detect shortcuts and Wizard easier, otherwise it spends a bit of time turning camera and searching. 9/10!
  7. I have been running the trial version to craft nature runes through the abyss, sort of OK except that it has issues and gets stuck while withdrawing pure essence. It fills pouches, then for some reason deposits the ess that are in the inventory and runs to wildy. Before jumping over ditch it runs back to the bank and repeats the same action for a couple of time then fixes it self.
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