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  1. The first screen pops up, i click login then nothing happens. only started today
  2. Mate this script is insane, you are a legend! Do you think taking breaks is worth it? if so what pattern would u suggest? Im seeing accounts with like 60m+ xp and fuck all other stats.
  3. MAC_TAY

    Looking Glass

    hi i am trying to use looking glass but it just says looking for client and never does anything, im using the right java version.
  4. But when you start using a proxy you get insta banned. Are you saying i should not bot with proxies?
  5. How? i thought that's what proxies did, and i am using proxies? sorry im a noob.
  6. You seem a bit of a pro so was wondering if you could give me some advice on setting up a blast furnace bot farm. Ive been making accounts and getting banned right off tutorial island when ive not used a bot, assuming ive got a flagged location is there any way round this, im using proxies and that might be causing it. If u have any tips that would be great?

    1. Flamo353


      I've looked through some of your previous posts and it seems like you already suspect your proxies to be at fault. If this is the case, I'd suggest purchasing your proxies from a website that other botters would have never thought to purchase from. I believe a lot of ips and subnets as a whole have been flagged by Jagex due to competing botters over the years. So give that a try and see if it yields any new results. Good luck.

  7. Is there anyway round a flagged location?
  8. Okay i see, so what would be your advice for making accounts? use my own ip?
  9. Not sure how it knows im using a proxy, im using the same ip to create the account and do tutorial island
  10. Yes im completing on a proxy, is there no way to get round this? i tried completing on no proxy then switching to the proxy but thats probably worse. managed to get a few running yesterday but everything i make gets banned today.
  11. My accounts are getting banned when i manually do tutorial island, think its the client detection. any tips how i can get round this?
  12. Sorted it sorry i should read the guides lol
  13. My accounts keep getting locked when i log in with a proxy. Assuming this is because the browser i made them on is not linked with the proxy. How can i fix this? Ive tried conencting chrome to the proxy but when i do i get (This site can’t be reached) (ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED)
  14. for the mule ip is it your normal ip address? not using a proxy, entered mine (its a longer number than the example) and doesnt do anything when i test connection.
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