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  1. @Worthy When I try to run the script it just says waiting for GUI settings, even though it says (settings name) successfully loaded.
  2. Also I have been having an issue where the script logs out and will not log back in. Script is still running but just can't log back in.
  3. So can I just run the script or do I need to make arguments? @FALSkills
  4. Not going to happens, Tribot removed all lifetime auths, everything is now monthly.
  5. I go to whatever scripts thread I'm using or want to use and have a bitch about it. Well not bitch but point out things not working that one would assume should work.
  6. Is there an option in the settings (I can't see it) to tell the bot not to hover over the special attack bar when its used the special?
  7. Script runs out of set amount of runes set in the GUI and is in the bank constantly withdrawing and invent then banking it all. (Eg. If I have it set to withdraw 3000 runes for a trip it will do it. After trip if I only have 1k left in bank it will continuously grab that 1k and rest of stuff for invent pppts/ovlds then banks it and repeats.)
  8. Botting keeps the game going, without them gg game
  9. Trying to run the trial, the script will gear up, charter to port tyras, run to zulrah boat, wait for more run energy, board the bot, then tele out to clan wars?? Says out of ammo? though i have a charged trident and bolts equipped?
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