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  1. When using dharoks, do you have to put in the ID for each state of the dharok axe? Also when you select to use rapid heald, do you have to actually then select rapid heal from the prayer list? First time I'm going to try the Dharok method, prayer has always been flawless for me.
  2. Is looking glass working yet?
  3. having same issue
  4. How have people been going with bans in Nightmare Zone?
  5. Besides the combat hooks not working currently. How has the script been lately? Haven't used it in a couple of months.
  6. Is there at least a rough date when Trilez finishes his vacation?
  7. Don't know what the F happened. Script was running fine for a few hours today, started it back up, come back 3 hours later and the bot is just laying and picking up the same box trap (for 3 hours it did this). Log out and in, restart tribot same thing. Try once more BAM acc disabled GG, dont know what made the script do this. Anyone else currently experience this?
  8. Don't think there is anything you can do besides open another client.
  9. Anyone having any current issues with combo alching (Stun/Alch)? I was using it earlier today flawless as always, but now when I go to run the script it just starts right clicking and moving the mouse on a random part of the screen?
  10. $1.10-1.20 from where? All the main sites are like at around $1.40USD
  11. Title says it all, if I use a proxy on TriBot using looking glass, is my client (OSBuddy) running through that proxy?
  12. Planning on going 90-99 range on my pure legit. any recommendations on a place to camp for some money. Bored of NMZ and don't think I can be bothered getting 72 slayer and dealing with wyverns.
  13. Haven't used this script since the solo update. How do I set it up to only do specific bosses solo without paying a host?