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  1. Botting keeps the game going, without them gg game
  2. Trying to run the trial, the script will gear up, charter to port tyras, run to zulrah boat, wait for more run energy, board the bot, then tele out to clan wars?? Says out of ammo? though i have a charged trident and bolts equipped?
  3. Havent used this script in a longgggg time. Anyone willing to share there break set up/how long they run it for? even just a rough approximate from anyone running it successfully is appreciated.
  4. Post the text here kk, thanks
  5. I think the above issue has started happening to me today as well. Been at the PC all day playing one client and botting NMZ minimised and see the bots logged out or just standing at the guy. Script is still "running" but not actually doing anything after it dies or leaves the dream.
  6. Yeah it went back to normal when I tried the script later that day. I've gotten three accounts to the mid 80s using the Tribot client with minimum delay and no bans (touch wood there's no super long delayed ban heading my way) so I don't have to much of a problem with the antibans. It could be a good thing to add more toggles but honestly I don't know, sometimes I would be watching he script and wondering why the mouse just wanders off screen
  7. dunno whats going on today, but usually get 200k min doing oak doors, struggling to get 130k atm....
  8. Still doing the same thing where the dream finishes and the bot just continues selecting defensive cast spell over and over (Using fire surge)
  9. Also if I start a dream with mage already selected it will do the first dream fine, but if it DCs or runs out of prayer pots the bot just keeps toggling on defensive casting and selecting a spell, then eventually ends itself.
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