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  1. Still doing the same thing where the dream finishes and the bot just continues selecting defensive cast spell over and over (Using fire surge)
  2. Also if I start a dream with mage already selected it will do the first dream fine, but if it DCs or runs out of prayer pots the bot just keeps toggling on defensive casting and selecting a spell, then eventually ends itself.
  3. It was blood runes, though I'm now using wraith runes and script looks to be functioning normally.
  4. thats what I do. If I put the rune id then like 5000 for runes to withdraw it says my total is 5027
  5. Thanks, other thing is when you put runes in the list of items to withdraw how do you set X amount? It always set it must = 28
  6. How do you get mage work? Swear I used to be able to do it a while ago
  7. iTappedThat

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I know Ardy is meant to be the fastest agil xp. I'm 99.9% sure I'm not doing anything wrong , at Relleka at the moment on a second account and getting 36k/hr there at the moment using the same settings as the first account I did. Have you changed any other settings from the default apart from Faster-X?
  8. iTappedThat

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Nope, no AFK modes selected and using Faster-4
  9. Anyone running close to 24/7? Thinking about seeing how long I can go suicide for.
  10. iTappedThat

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Anyone running this close to 24/7? I've never had an issue with bans running max 14 hours a day thinking about just going for 99 straight.
  11. iTappedThat

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Running the trial at the moment, and I have world hopping selected and all the script does is the following