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  1. Yeah cool now they up there sytems for this gj
  2. Anyone suicide bot chins over the weekend? How does the script go for chins/hr and do you get banned during the weekend or usually monday?
  3. Anyone have any progress reports on how this bot runs? How many hours roughly from lvl 3 to nmz ready? Also how much Gp does the account need to start with to do everything?
  4. same, classic tribot issues
  5. Looking for a easy to use, simple (I guess preferably windows) VPS to run 2 clients at least. Really don't know what I should be looking at when it comes to specs etc. I looked at this - But there out of stock on the $20 USD option and that's all I want to spend
  6. Things I like: - Nothing at the moment. I used to see TriBot as the number one bot for me. But over the last year and more when the client breaks information is severely lacking as to when it will be fixed. Things I don't like - Range of scripts is pretty lacklustre these days - Soooo many broken/untoched scripts compared to working on the repository it needs to be cleaned up - No advancements or developments have been made to improve the bot/scripts anti detection since what feels like abcl2 and human mouse movement. It's just stagnant
  7. @Fluffee @daxmagex Am I going to get a response or what?
  8. 1. Script Author: @daxmagex ( @Fluffee - I am assuming you are aware of this situation in regards to my submitted help ticket and corresponding messages) 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: I didn't purchase it (but was May 31) 4. What type of duration did you purchase: I didn't (but was a month) 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): 6. Issue(s): Basically I logged into TriBot one day to check time left on a particular script, it just so happened that when I did check this I noticed daxHunter had been activated on my account which wasn't myself. So I immediately changed pass set up 2 factor auth and submitted a ticket for help and also contact dax to hopefully get this sorted. But so far no resolution. Fluffee may have just forgotten about this, but I would love to have this sorted so I can use scripts that I actually purchase and want myself. Thanks
  9. Anyone gotten 99 RC lately? Haven't botted RC in probs 3+ years looking to go for 99 Also how much xp is lavas with script?
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