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  1. B0tt3ri

    Banned need help

    I got it back! Didn't know it was that easy Thanks everyone
  2. B0tt3ri

    Banned need help

    Found it, thanks lets see if they buy it.
  3. B0tt3ri

    Banned need help

    well dang. gotta ask my buddy how he did it. Maybe theres hope
  4. B0tt3ri

    Banned need help

    What if the ban can't be appealed?
  5. Hello, i just banned on my account for using zulrah bot. I was using a proxy. I'm asking that is there a way to get my account back? My friend had his account stolen and banned for using a bot, and he got it back somehow. Is there a possibility that i can do that too? E: account was 99% legit no botting. Only botted zulrah for little time. It was nice mid level account with different stats and bgloves etc so pretty legit account. So Is there a chance to get it unbanned somehow?
  6. Same here... Please quick fix, paid so much for the bot and vipe for proxy that idk if im able to make my moneys even back if this doesnt get fixed..
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