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  1. @Laniax anyway the paint could support non-fixed screen? It seems to just stick it right in the centre of the game, slightly to the left. Also whether the XP per/hour could be shown with the thieving bar say below it or something, rather than hovering to check? Great script, works brilliantly blackjacking for my needs otherwise EDIT: Stealing cakes it doesn't pick an efficient spot, it chooses to sit at the side of the stall and guards constantly see. If you stand ON the baker NPC, you never got caught. Could you update this for cake/bakery stall?
  2. @HeyImJamie just tried the trial and for wildy altar, it doesn't withdraw or equip glory? It just withdraws a burning amulet (not equipped either) and 27 d bones... Not let it test the method but I presume it's going to zammy wine kill? The OP indicates it should be using glory ammys? Doesn't appear to have any advanced or configurable settings. So can't see where I'm going wrong?
  3. @Aropupu nah with the settings checked as mentioned, it seems to work quite well (yes using v3 with recording) Great stuff! Also the stats don't appear to pause either when you 'pause script' just FYI
  4. @Aropupu for Seers tele, doesn't seem script is able to read runes in the rune pouch? It thinks I don't have the runes available. Infact, is it a conflicting setting? Just removed runes from pouch and I still get this when starting the script... EDIT: Fixed it, had to enable the get teleport runes from bank setting (even though I already had them on me) [12:41:22] Disabling seers teleport usage because out of runes and banking is disabled! Setting for stopping is disabled!
  5. @Worthy thanks for the response, I can confirm my settings are set to 20 but the script keeps asking the butler to grab 26. I've just stopped the script, changed the butler to 20 again - resumed the script, and it literally rather than selecting option 1 unnote 20 oak planks, it went through the process of changing and asking for 26 instead. Have also stopped the script, run from new with the checkbox ticked for 20 - and it still grabs 26. Have looked in client/bot debug but the script doesn't report back anything worth highlighting to you. Just the normal stuff. It's like it just totally ignores the custom withdraw/note option and just always gets 26 no matter what you input.
  6. @Worthy any response? Found another bug, at lower construction levels if it uses a number of nails - it thinks it's broken and ends the script... Was level 15 building wooden chairs. [00:09:16] FINISH MSG: Too many (8) of the same message: [You use a nail.]. Possible bug? Ending script [00:09:20] Thank you for using AIO Constructor v2.36 by Worthy [00:09:21] Saved all ending information in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\Worthy Scripts Logs! [00:09:21] FINISH MSG: Too many (8) of the same message: [You use a nail.]. Possible bug? Ending script [00:09:25] Script Ended: |w| Constructor.
  7. @Optimusstill a problem mate, seems the above posters having the same issue with the walker too
  8. @pattyk what bosses are you using and build etc? I've got a good ranged build for 1m+ NMZ points p/hr (manually) But for this nNMZ I need a good melee build to train strength/combat up! I was going to use full Obsidian atm. Then will focus on ranged after too.
  9. There does seem to be an issue with the custom plank amount being set. I have the checkbox enabled, set to 20 (for oak dung doors) and it keeps withdrawing 26 still. Looking through my Bot Debug, this seems to have happened at the start? But then carried on as normal for the rest of the script - it didn't repeat this error later from what I can see. Is it related at all? Log: https://pastebin.com/eru3k6d5
  10. @Naton with the new bank options from last week's update, you can now 'drink' pots/food etc by depositing into inventory and right-click drink. Rather than closing the bank, drinking, opening bank, depositing stamina pot etc. Think this could be added as an option? As it's less clicks and a more human like method now for efficiency at Blast Furnace.
  11. Thanks @Naton totally understand - I realise now it's aimed at straight forward semi-AFK melee bosses for better combat XP per hour, rather than the highest NMZ points per hour. I'm sure many would love the option to have this, as imbuing items is a chore and getting points is a little tedious, if there are better (albeit slightly more complex methods) ways - then it would be a great USP for your script.
  12. @Naton so I used the trial and for the AFK methods it seems great, but the NMZ points per hour aren't amazing on the 'AFK' methods. I'm interested in going for the 1m+ points p/hr methods I've seen in guides such as this one, but can it do the more advanced things needed on this? Like prioritising certain bosses such as the below. Spam click Kamil or Dessous (ice barrage ones) with option of Magic prot prayer on Fareed or Flambeed it will equip ice gloves if in the inventory The Inadequacy as big HP and worth the most points I think too Use Ultimate Force power-up if available when Gelatinoth Mother and/or Damis has spawned etc? Not sure if it does, as from what I saw in the trial it just let auto-relitate jump from whichever boss hit me that moment? So I often had a few bosses at half HP. You get the idea... Thanks! Edit: After testing (I bought the script) it doesn't appear to support equipping Ice Gloves, or not auto-retaliating against Gelatinnoth, also needs to spam attack Kamil when barraged or you never get any damage done Is this something that could be added?
  13. @TRiLeZ is this still a working project? Does human mouse by default work with VIP-E on all scripts? Does it help at all with ban rates? Can't see much being said about this across the forum, just lots of questions.
  14. Up to you! It was a slight learning curve for me hence you had to explain it for me lol. My concern was just logically speaking, looking at the UI it didn't show me the other choices I had selected. So I didn't realise it was still going to apply them It read to me like the script was just going to stop and do nothing, regardless it's a brilliant script just giving you another perspective I love all the little quirks, human errors and ABCD2 is working very well with it too.
  15. Ah right, I think my worry was despite me selecting the 'change attack style' on the stop condition - it doesn't show that in the UI after you apply it, it just says the below. Which made me think the script was just going to end and do nothing after. [Stopping when Attack level is >= 60] When I was expecting something like 2 conditions to be added so it was more the below... For example if I wanted 60 atk then to switch to defence... [Stopping when Attack level is >= 60] [Switch attack style to 3] UI wise just a suggestion, would it not look neater if you combined and incorporated the combat settings within the Stop Condition dropdown? e.g. So you could select to stop when X level achieved, then add a second condition labelled "Switch attack style (y)" etc? Just my 2p, I'm sure you may have logic that wouldn't work for this. Just my own personal feedback! At least now I understand if I use the above logic, it will apply it despite not explicitly stating it in the Stop Condition when added.
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