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Juke Box

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  1. Juke Box

    Refund please

    Show me for combat. Other bots can get me over 70k an hour, this one barely does what you said at the ammonite crabs
  2. Juke Box

    Refund please

    Yes I think the script is shit and untested, please go to Fossil Island and test your damned script and tell me if it attacks the crabs there with roaming option on, thank you.
  3. Juke Box

    Refund please

    The bot is still not good, it moves to random tiles, doesn't follow crabs or attack them. I cant use this, it's not good enough for my training... why would you suggest I try this option if it fails because now you're just wasting my time.
  4. Juke Box

    Refund please

    Thanks I will test this
  5. Juke Box

    Refund please

    It's a lazy script, doesn't play actively and walks too far away to re-activate the crabs but otherwise I liked the design and mini map configuration I thought they were really good.
  6. Juke Box

    Refund please

    I accidentally bought the nCrabber script instead of testing it, and it wasn't satisfactory, I have used it for about 10 minutes, may I get a refund to use on another script?
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