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  1. prashant210

    WB Farmer BETA

    Does this still work lol?
  2. So it turns out that if you make the camera zoom out alot so the portal is visible from the location you build from helps it work properly, but it sometimes misclicks the vote poll thing where philias is and gets stuck on that vote poll screen. happened twice
  3. Ill check it tomorrow and paste info to you. I can't seem to get any of your scripts to load tho. Tried the construction one aswell. The gui won't load.
  4. hey man , bot doesnt seem to leave the house to unnote planks etc. after it finishes invo just stands there...
  5. Hey worthy looking to buy this , what antiban settings would you recommend ? I dont mind getting slightly less xp. Just want very good antiban settings as using on a botted main lol
  6. script works very well , but I regret buying to due to how shit the drops are lol. Ran for 6 hours and made 10k from two Tzhaar heads... So not worth killing these at all IMO.
  7. Hahah let us know the outcome!
  8. Hi there is there anyone that can help me with looking glass problems. I've followed the guide on forums. Reinstalled Java jdk etc , still can't get it to work. There's more to this error. But please someone help me out.
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