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  1. Try fighting 12 hitpoint goblins at goblin village, it does that every once in a while not all the time.. I was using melee strength training..
  2. I used this script on goblins at goblin village when got banned after only 3-4 of 4-7h botting sessions. It sometimes attacks next goblin before the previous one is dead..
  3. You kidding? How are you not banned after first 26h?
  4. just stun it, soul runes are so cheap now. it is like 1,6m coins per 1m xp..
  5. I think most suspicious activity on my account was when I always had to start the fighting from the same tile because the script didn't save the middle-tile in the save-file.. Secondly the jumping on the next npc before the previous one was dead. Thirdly eating one food at a time at almost same hp every time.. Those are probably the reason for my ban.. Fix please..
  6. A little proggy on my pure.. Just tried to log in and I was permanently banned.. I quested for 45 att and 30-40 str or something and then botted to 50 att 67 str, less than 10h a day.. Even ABC2 seems to be vulnerable. So something in the bot is still detectable. I have another bot using autobuyer (abcl10) and It has been running almost 24/7 for over 2 months now, still not banned..
  7. I see, ABC2 is probably in development still and will become more human-like in the future. I guess eating is not yet fully implemented either..
  8. Burying bones randomly would be horrible for me because I am 1 prayer pure. Just improve the "drop junk" feature or something.. Other than that I agree.. Where do you bank? Banking seems very limited at the moment and also risky because of the way this bot banks using "take x" -option, when the amount is like 28 aka "whole inventory" it should just use "take all" -option to be human-like..
  9. I noticed 2 major problems: 1. Bot seem to sometimes attack a new npc before finishing the previous one.. 2. Eating food at specific hp is a bit bot-like, you could also make it to eat more than 1 food at a time when possible and preferable. At least try to make it more random. Other than that it is running ok.. I am gonna run like 6-10h a day with breaks, A bit risky I know but at least we'll get an idea how effective the ABC2 really is.. edit. 3. Bot tries to fight an npc through a tree with left click option causing bot trying to cut the tree instead of fighting and it also takes too long for bot to realize the initial click attempt failed.. That is probably one thing that gets bots busted because the delay after clicking a tree by accident seems consistent as well. Can you make bot to detect when the left-click is not gonna hit the npc and do right click option instead OR make the bot to be able to recognize if the click failed and try the right-click option then OR make the delay more inconsistent after a failed click through a tree. (Clicking a tree gives the red-cross icon as well) (minor) 4. Please decrease the chance of not going for closest npc, the bot runs around little bit too much in my opinion. It should go for the closest target like 95% of the time, 5% should be enough for an anti-ban feature.. I can be wrong on this one so just keep it as it is if you know better..
  10. Very very slow, it has many seconds delay between every arrow because it has to close the window every time with abc10 even when spamming enabled.. around 5k xp/h not worth it..
  11. Nice! I am gonna do some str training on one of my old-new pure to see if ban-rates are lowered..
  12. I have the same problem, it worked fine after the java update but when I closed it and restarted PC due AVG update the tribot loader didn't open after that..
  13. What do you use to make your music? Software? VST's?
  14. It should be limited when over 1 minute breaks are allowed and when not.. It should become possible to allow over 1 minute idles in some part of a script and then disable it in other parts..
  15. What if that over 1 minute reaction time happens when you have just right-clicked an item for example, humans will execute the second "in menu" click immediately and then idle not in the middle of an execution..
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