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  1. Here's a proggy for Seers, slightly less xp/h than most because I don't have the diaries completed and also have some breaks set.
  2. Just purchased the script, I'm probably doing something wrong but I get this error on startup [19:22:49] Starting client.[19:23:04] Downloading script 'Master Thiever AIO'.[19:23:05] Script Started: Master Thiever AIO.[19:23:05] Disabled all randoms.[19:23:05] Please ALWAYS run tribot in lite mode![19:23:06] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to [i[19:23:06] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(xn:160)[19:23:06] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(xn:134)[19:23:06] at scripts.MasterThiever.rb.E(GuiNew.java:928)[19:23:06] at scripts.MasterThiever.rb.(GuiNew.java:73)[19:23:06] at scripts.MasterThiever.Main.E(Main.java:39)[19:23:06] at scripts.MasterThiever.Main.run(Main.java:65)[19:23:06] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[19:23:06] The version you were running was V2.1.6[19:23:06] Thieving configuration:[19:23:06] - None[19:23:06] - null[19:23:06] - null[19:23:06] - null[19:23:06] - [][19:23:06] Script Ended: Master Thiever AIO. Fixed by deleting hooks.dat found in %appdata%>Roaming>.Tribot>settings>hooks.dat
  3. @Tri I've messaged you on Skype but I accidentally bought a second auth, didn't realize I had bought an auth april of last year. I love this script but have no need for a second auth for it :/ is there any way to refund one auth?
  4. Used this script during the day whilst I was at work and received a two day ban. Be careful if botting for more than 6 hours without a break.
  5. Monk id is 3505, but I wouldn't suggest doing it there, have died 3 times in two days by randoms there even with a rol. Fight caves need to be updated before I use this script more. Would suggest just babysitting the bot if you want to run it on zammy monk.
  6. 2481 is the new bank ID if thats what you need to fix the banking.
  7. 71 range, 70 hp, 45 def karils xbow, fury, archer helm, black d hide body, rune legs, rune boots, ava's, 3k bolt racks, black vambs how much for that?
  8. Just purchased the script, waiting for auth, wanted to check to make sure the auth is sent to the email I provided on your site and not the paypal email because I don't have access to the email on the paypal account anymore.
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