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  1. The Intermediate Old School quest Zogre Flesh Eaters requires players to venture into the crypts of Gu'Tanoth, an ogre resting ground. Completion of this quest is one of the requirements for Rum Deal OSRS quest. Requirements of OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters is an Intermediate quest with the following requirements: Completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Jungle Potion 4 Smithing 8 Herblore 30 Ranged 30 Fletching 10+ Strength OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters fast walkthrough 1. To start the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, talk to Grish located in Jiggig, west of the Gu'Tanoth and south of Castle Wars. 2. Talk to Ogre guard to the east. Then climb over the crushed barricade and run east to a set of stairs going downwards. Go down the stairs. 3. Make sure you carry Super restore potions. Run north-west to an area with a blackened floor. 4. Search the broken lectern and find a torn page. Search the skeleton next to it, and kill a Zombie to get the Ruined backpack. Get a Dragon inn tankard, some rotten food and a knife by opening the Ruined backpack. 5. Attempt to search coffin nearest to skeleton and use knife on it. Try opening the coffin and search the coffin for a black prism. Then Exit the cave. 6. Head to the Dragon Inn in Yanille, and use the tankard on the bartender. 7. Head to the Mage Guild and speak to Zavistic Rarve. 8. Head to the guest house north of the Magic Guild and go to the top floor. Talk to Sithik Ints. 9. Search the drawers, cupboard and wardrobe in the room to find the Book of portraiture, Necromancy book, Papyrus, Charcoal and a Book of 'H.A.M'. Read all three books. 10. Use all books on Sithik. Then use Papyrus and portrait on Sithik. 11. Go back to the bartender and use the tankard and portrait. Talk to Zavistic Rarve while holding the Necromancy book, Book of 'H.A.M', the tankard and the signed portrait. Get a Strange potion. 12. Use the Strange potion on the Cup of tea on top of Sithik's dresser. Then go downstairs and back up to Sithik. Talk to Sithik 13. Make Relicym's balm or buy one from the Grand Exchange (the quest can be done without it). 14. Make brutal arrows with the following steps: -Cut down Achey Trees to obtain Achey tree logs. -Fletch the logs with a knife into Ogre arrow shafts. -Add feathers to the shafts. -Use nails on the Flighted ogre arrows with a hammer. 15. Return to Grish and get a key to access the Ceremonial chamber. Talk to Grish again. 16. Head back down into Jiggig and go west until you reach 2 doors. Go through doors and down the stairs. Follow the chamber to the end and search the stand. 17. Fight against Slash Bash (level 111). Collect the bones and the ogre artefact he drops. 18. Return and talk to Grish. Quest complete! Hope this guide can help you complete OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  2. Come gather’ round and celebrate the end of one wonderful year in Gielinor, and the start of a new one! In January 2020, participate in RS Wintumber Warmer event for various activities with XP boost. Participate in RS Wintumber Warmer from Jan 2 The Wintumber Warmer is an upcoming event scheduled to take place within the Lumbridge Crater, running from January 2nd to January 6th, 2020. What can you enjoy in RS Wintumber Warmer? During the Wintumber Warmer event, the Lumbridge Crater will be home to a gigantic bonfire, where generous players can donate their logs in return for 25% extra XP. Players will also be able to partake in Poi Dancing, Fire Breathing, Lantern Building and even Spirit Summoning. There’s a twist compared with the other attractions from past events: instead of earning items like Fire Poi, Fire Stones, and Fire Wood from Treasure Hunter in order to use the event, players can earn them by participating in the event itself. There will be a 10% XP boost in the area, and appropriately placed Bank chests to allow for community skilling. In addition, no New Year’s celebration would be complete without fireworks. There will be a number of those scattered about for players to play with. Don’t forget to participate in RS Wintumber Warmer event in January! Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the game news and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime. There will be a bunch of Christmas gifts from RSorder.
  3. According to some players’ reports, OSRS Mobile failed to contact server issue exists when they try to login the game. If you have the trouble logging into the game on mobile with “failed to contact server” message, read the information below to find a solution. OSRS failed to contact server from Dec. 4th Some players have come up against OSRS Mobile down from December 4th, 2019. There is the message saying “Failed to contact server. Please check your Internet connection.” when trying to log into the game, and this issue happens both on iOS and Android according to players’ reports. Possible solutions to OSRS Mobile down Sometimes the situation that OSRS Mobile failed to contact server happens if your WiFi signal is weak or drops for a short period of time, which makes the phone switch between WiFi and mobile data. If the signal of LTE is stronger, it is recommended to use it on your phone to avoid OSRS Mobile down. However, OSRS Mobile down this time seems to be an issue that needs to be fixed by Jagex. Although there is still no official statement on this OSRS Mobile servers down issue, you can try to deal with this trouble with the possible solution. According to players’ feedback, you could go to the OSRS website on your phone, click world select and choose an Australian world. It will ask you if you want to open in your app and then it will connect. You could try this before the issue is fixed by Jagex. RSorder will update our news if there are more solutions to OSRS Mobile down issue. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime. There will be a bunch of Christmas gifts from RSorder.
  4. Are you ready for Black Friday this year? In the upcoming Black Friday, you will enjoy discounts on a wide range of goodies. The Double XP Weekend is also coming with the Black Friday. When can you enjoy RS Black Friday Sale? The exact schedule of Black Friday this year has been confirmed in the recent official news post. RS Black Friday 2019 will start from midnight on November 22nd and run until 23:59 on December 6th in Solomon’s General Store. During this period players can snag a series of sumptuous bargains in Solomon’s General Store. It will be a great chance of purchasing Elf Ears, Splat Packs, or the Risen Pack with discounts. Details of the items with Black Friday discounts in this Black Friday sale will be revealed later. Enjoy RS Double XP event at the same time In addition, RS Double XP Weekend will also start on November 22nd. There is something different in Double XP Weekend Extended this time. This Double XP Weekend Extended will offer 36 hours of Double XP boost, spread over the course of 10 days. To enjoy the XP boost, you just need to log in between November 22nd and December 2nd. Your XP timer will start ticking once you have logged in the game, and you can see how much Double XP time you have left via the interface. What do you plan to purchase during RS Black Friday 2019? Anyway, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  5. Runescape Beneath Cursed Tides is an intermediate free to play quest, which requires you to go to the bottom of the sea to investigate the vanished island's watery fate. Sounds mysterious and difficult? Don't worry. A guide to help you complete the quest easily has been offered below. Methods to complete Krillinary expert & Swordfish in Beneath Cursed Tides To prompt you to complete Beneath Cursed Tides quest more quickly and easily, we offer a quick guide to complete Krillinary expert and Swordfish. 1. Krillinary expert Begin this part with talking to the survival expert Brynna; then catch two raw shrimps, cut some strong seaweed and chop down a dead tree to obtain a soggy branch. After that, interact with the boulder. Then cook both shrimp on the steam vent to receive two boiled shrimps and boil a shrimp again to burn it. Talk to Brynna twice and continue through the west gate. Then talk to Lev and go to the large jellyfish south-east of the Lev's house and play the music box. Next gather tasty seaweed and talk to Lev again. Finally prepare the large table 3 times by matching the 3 tastes with 3 ingredients and continue through the west door to the small house in the north. 2. Swordfish First of all, you should climb down the ladder and talk to the mining instructor Dezzick. Then mine soggy copper ore and soggy tin ore, and add the ores to furnace and close the doors. Upon completion of that, operate the pump and light the furnace, and retrieve the bronzish bar from the furnace as well as smith a bronze butter knife. Next talk to Dezzick and continue through the east gate. Talk to Vannaka and open the gate and click on the sword in the middle of the room to begin combat training. Then click on the rats and other elements bouncing on the screen. Last exit the cage and climb the ladder to the north-east. Requirements of Runescape Beneath Cursed Tides Before you start to do the medium quest, you should achieve these skill requirements below: - 30 Attack - 30 Strength - 30 Magic - 30 Mining - 30 Smithing - 30 Woodcutting - 30 Firemaking - 30 Cooking On top of them, we also encourage you to have Wicked hood for teleportation and Slayer cape for teleporting to Vannaka. And you should access to the fairy ring network. Please keep an eye on this quick guide to help you finish Beneath Cursed Tides successfully. Every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, welcome to get free 250M OSRS gold & 1000M RuneScape gold at 3:00 a.m. GMT on RSorder Sept.20.
  6. The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Smouldering Volcano is coming on Sept. 12th. You can obtain two new kinds of lamp called volcanic lamps and erupting lamps, and erupting lamps can grant 100% more direct XP and bonus XP. New TH promotion – RS Smouldering Volcano A new Treasure Hunter promotion Smouldering Volcano RuneScape runs from 00:00 on Thursday September 12 through to 23:59 on Monday September 16, 2019. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, there is a chance to obtain new volcanic lamps RuneScape and transform them into erupting lamps. Get volcanic lamps & erupting lamps RuneScape When the Smouldering Volcano Treasure Hunter promotion begins, you have the chance to gain both volcanic lamps and erupting lamps RuneScape in Treasure Hunter. Each kind of lanterns has the sizes of small, medium, large and huge. Two medium volcanic lamps can be obtained when you open the Treasure Hunter for the first time. RuneScape volcanic lamps: offer direct XP and convert bonus XP into direct XP. There is a 25% chance to transform volcanic lamps into erupting lamps. RuneScape erupting lamps: offer 100% more direct XP and bonus XP. An erupting lamp gives twice as much experience a volcanic lamp of the same size. Enjoy volcanic lamps and erupting lamps in Smouldering Volcano Treasure Hunter promotion! Every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, until Sept. 15, don’t forget to use 5% off code “RBS5” and 7% off code “RBS7” (for $120+ orders) for cheap OSRS gold on RSorder.
  7. Runescape Elemental Workshop 2 is the second quest in the Elemental Workshop series with medium length. In this member-only quest, you are required to access the workshop with a battered key. Here are some steps provided for searching it more easily. And you will also receive some rewards once completing the quest. How to find a Battered key to enter Runescape Elemental Workshop? Battered key is used to access the workshop. If you don't have one, you will not enter the workshop and start the quest. Before you search the key, you need to find the beaten book in the Exam Center library shelves at the beginning of the Elemental Workshop 2 quest, which is at south of the Varrock Dig Site, and there is a scroll in the beaten book that can help you find the battered key for going into the workshop. And then you must open the book and take out the scroll. Next, you should read the scroll and head to Seers' Village. When you are in Seers' Village, you have to go into the building just south and search the bookcase. Once inside, you need to go down and then move 2 spaces north, 2 spaces east, 2 spaces north and 2 spaces east; then you should move 10 spaces north and 4 spaces west as well as pipe 3. After completing these steps, you can find the battered key. What rewards can you get after completing the quest? When you finish the quest, you will receive the following rewards: - 1 quest point - 7,500 Smithing experience - 7,500 Crafting experience - You can have the ability to make elemental helmets, mind shields and mind helmets. - 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice Apart from the above rewards, you can also unlock the music Prime Time. Please remember you must find the Battered key following the above steps, or you will not search it. Anyway, if you want to find more information about RS, come to professional RSorder at anytime.
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