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  1. https://gyazo.com/42c8e4c8bbbad5a3dbad1db3f0aa7159
  2. Nice. Still having client lag issues after being 100% for months, was hoping @Fluffee could get to the bottom of this but, as confused as me.
  3. I think it's based off certain people because I've never hit it since they removed it and I've hopped worlds over and over for hours on ironmen shop buying.
  4. Ip but, there isn't one any more, at least for me.
  5. I had this problem since the last rs game update but, if you keep trying to get it you will be able too, delete tribot from your pc and re download it. I can get into the client fine but, i'm having really bad choppy lagging problems.
  6. Anyone able to help with this?
  7. I've been botting for months fine without any problems and ever since yesterday when I click start script, or when I've selected the script and started it it causes all the clients to lag like crazy consistently. It's comparable to when a programme isn't responding, eventually it stops but comes back is the best way I can explain it, I've deleted hooks.dat and jagex cache. I'm using multiple devices to bot so I know it's not a device issue, even my most powerful computer is having the same problem. Can anybody help and is anybody having this problem? I know there was a problem after the jagex update yesterday but I can't put a finger on what is happening.
  8. Fix the client faster when it breaks, this is so awfully done and takes so long and has people waiting around for someones multiple days for example, right now, last week, the week before. These days that TriBot has issues people are not refunded when they lose a day or 5, really unfair.
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