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  1. Yo brad its not banking for draynor MF's won't i'm not for sure other locations, but when it's time to bank it runs to bank but doesn't interact with the banker/bank.
  2. nothing in debug because he makes it to the bank npc but just moves back to where he was originally
  3. looks like when script gets to the spot banker is suppose to be he goes to click bank and when it walks so many tiles away from where he use to be it just walks back
  4. yeah, banker was maybe 6-10tiles away from where he usually is and the character just kept running up to him then going back to where he usually is.
  5. The Loot counter does not work for me on safe cracking and for some reason now my character just walks back and forth when it is trying to bank does not bank anymore.
  6. i constantly have to keep an eye because it just randomly stops with no errors or anything. Maybe it might be the client idk for sure because sometimes when it just stops randomly i notice that it just completed a random. Sometimes on knights it will get stuck upstairs in buildings. Sometimes it will just say attempting to go to ground floor when its in ardy center also. Next time it stops i'll SS the bot/client debug if that helps.
  7. Idk, what is going on if its the script or salvation, but this script has went from gfg to kind of a babysitter >.>
  8. the server going to get fixed tonight or what deammnnn haven't been able to run client for 5 hours now >.>
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