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  1. Nukem

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    You can do it yourself go in to the repository and click activate on the 1 and a half hour trial.
  2. I wouldnt bot again on it for at least 2-3 weeks
  3. Nukem

    Nightmare Zone

    Most people overload rock cake to 1 hp so that the bosses only hit 1.
  4. Nukem

    Nightmare Zone

    Inventory set up?
  5. Watched it for 20 mins there didn't lose any. Although before I changed it to drop after a certain amount I caught it trying to pick up rope and net with full inventory. So might have been that.
  6. Seems to lose nets on the 4th southern trap at red salamanders. Any way to prioritise picking up the net and rope over the closest trap when they are about to disappear?
  7. hey @Aropupu it logs out at catherby while fishing lobsters due to inactivity due to the spot not moving for 5 minutes. Any ideas for changing settings?
  8. Great script. Although while hunting red salamanders it clicks a second to quick most of the time before a task has finished, then it has to reclick. Tried upping reaction time in setting but no joy. Using looking glass so could be the issue.
  9. Could you add an option to dismiss randoms no matter while fishing or banking bud? Edit: Just realised you did, thanks.
  10. Sorry, bud never meant to come across like that. Its a free script, I appreciate it doesn't cater to everyone's needs. Got me full anglers which I'm pleased with.
  11. Out of interest why not? I will look for a new fishing script. If its simulating afk then it needs to do the same between clicking on fishing spots. simulate afk dont dismiss random but click next fishing spot by default within 5 secs
  12. When fishing in catherby it walks to bank, then walks back to fish when its trying to bank. @Einstein Can you fix please, I'll buy it if it can fish in catherby
  13. Got dced due to inactivity while fishing tuna at catherby. Also doesnt dismiss randoms when selected in gui.
  14. Why doesn't it dismiss randoms?
  15. Unknown no doubt not many people discussing it anyway. The few minutes I used it, it was extremely slow even at 9 attack speed.
  16. Going to buy this after using the trial. When firemaking could you make it tinderbox to logs rather than the other way around? Its already hovering tinderbox so would be less bot like.
  17. @Aropupu V2 seems to always disable randoms no matter if its ticked to or not.
  18. Is it due to the methods you use its slow at interacting with the next obstacle? EDIT: I can literally count to 3 or 4 in my head before it clicks next rooftop object.
  19. You do realise Trilez has the know how to fix it in less than a day right?
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