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  1. I bought the wrong cript I need 2 weeks of dax aio fighter nt mutes crab slayer
  2. Mate it doesn't take this long to fix the hooks trust me if he wasn't on vacation they would be fixed. So it does correlate.
  3. Duh that's why I said when is he back. People are wasting money.
  4. Is Trilez back anytime soon? Wouldn't it be customary to let paying customers know when the hooks will be fixed? I know I am no longer vip + but I wanted to use combat scripts for the last 4 or 5 days of it and couldn't. It would make sense to let customers know if they were getting vip days added on for the inconvenience or not.
  5. @daxmagex Any idea why its not showing my saved profiles? They were located in the proper folder in the daxhunter folder. Edit: Just saved a mock profile and it wiped my black chin profiles and kept the mock one.
  6. Im getting 93 k p/h looting no chests at lvl 78.
  7. @Aropupu It doesn't click on a world quite a lot. It will do this for a while then forget about changing world and continue in the same world. I used wait until out of pyramid before changing world. here is the log. [23:14:48] Player limit exceeded! Will worldhop outside pyramid! [23:19:41] Debug: Failed to worldhop! Destination world: 342 [23:19:41] Trying another world... [23:20:01] Script Ended: aPlunderer [Premium]. I ended the script manually.
  8. Does laying low = don't use. People have botted for 2 hours total and been banned (that's there fault should have read the last 10 pages that have probably been reported and deleted), if that's not laying low I have no idea what is. Before this is reported and deleted. It actually harms consumers by not allowing ban reports on the sales thread, yeah a lot are probably due to bad botting practice. No one looks/goes to the ban discussion thread. 28 posts in a year? Tells you everything, at least make a ban discussion section. Only negative in allowing a ban discussion section is less money for tribot that's why its not done. Sorry worthy but I paid $30 for this script and made more than that which I'm grateful for. But I gave you .gifs of errors the script would repeat, wouldn't be bothered if it was a normal script(price) Errors wouldn't stop the script but for example every 5 trees you tried to chop it would click twice, that whats wrong. It should be as high as $30 every 2 weeks but for it not to be updated after a week of showing you exactly what was wrong is crazy.
  9. I'm pretty sure its deliberate 1/10 are probably legit and are wrongly stopped the other 9/10 it prevents fraud.
  10. Classic example of short term thinking. What if you wanted to fight Tzhaar then Ogres you now need to spend $25 when you could have bought the aio fighter for $ 15. I see no point in the specific monster scripts Tri said if you want a specific path made he will do it for the aio fighter. I cant be bothered waiting because the custom paths dont work, so I just use Daxcombat.
  11. He could have gave tri an hour to respond for all you know. There is no indication of response time allowed before he created this thread in op. Agreed, in my experience he is one of the better scripters. Should have spent an extra $5 for a script you can fight any npc.