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  1. Did you use black magic? Because as soon as I posted it stopped happening lol.
  2. I will get a proper report in when I get home but just wanted to mention it because I keep forgetting. When doing romeo and juliet, after finishing dialogue with father lawrence in the varrock church, I get a Walker: Path is empty error endlessly . This happens 9/10 times so I think its only on a certain tile. Clicking anywhere on the ground makes it proceed without issues. Been going on for a few days now.
  3. Is there anyway to pass TRiBot login details? I am using in a scenario where my main IP address is changing and making it so I have to login to tribot every time I start. Which using the cli it just fails when this happens.
  4. Thank you so much, I'm reading with an app called Core JAVA Master on my phone. I never even thought to follow official Oracle tutorials.
  5. I'm probably going to sound like the laziest noob ever but I have no previous knowledge scripting tribot and very little yet on java. I'm trying to write a script that opens item packs from a shop so they turn into notes. Literally all I need it to do (on an already logged in account) is see if there is a certain Item in the inventory, and if true then click any of the item just once, sleep x amount of time and then end script without logging out. I'm just overwhelmed and was hoping somebody could point me to the right API classes or show me if it's short. I believe what I want to do uses DynamicMouse and RSItem[] find but I'm really in over my head lol.
  6. No problem I'm just curious. Seems to be going well, I just ran ten accounts through and only three of them needed assistance. 2 having trouble after rat melee and 1 got stuck selecting a name. I'm trying to learn java so maybe I'll have more useful feedback to help the project soon haha.
  7. What are the CLI args to start without using the GUI?
  8. Suggestion: Statup options/arguments. But if thats not possible at this time then at least have it disable sounds. Also don't make it switch from resizable to fixed. (It's stays cached and throws off settings on all my other operations.)
  9. How did it go? I had a bunch of problems with the script, decided to give it another go today. So I'm monitoring progress now.
  10. Is there away to make the script only buy each item a single time per world hop? What I'm trying to say is that the shop im buying from restocks quickly so it will just go in an endless loop trying to buy 1 of each item over and over when it could just hop and buy another 1000.
  11. Ok I was just curious. I don't mind sitting there for an hour coming up with my own list of available names.
  12. Do you have any plans to add a feature to import names for creation from a list? (txt or csv) I noticed it types "5" and then chooses the middle one same clicks every time.
  13. I'll make some again and see how long till they actually get banned. I've never tried suicide botting so this is new to me.
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