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  1. auryzas242

    paid for broken script.

    * Pro tip Nex time before purchasing try out there free trial ( Every scripts offers one )
  2. auryzas242

    TRiBot Release 10.9_0

    Breaks still not working.
  3. auryzas242

    Break handlers

    it is happening to me aswell and to lther users aswell. no fucks are given by support tho
  4. auryzas242

    Bug reporting integrated into Tribot

    There would be to many "false reports" off "newbie users" such as " Script dont work pls fix"
  5. auryzas242

    Break Handler Not Working.

    What do you mean?
  6. auryzas242

    Break Handler Not Working.

    After the update the break handler does not work. The strange thing is that i tested with few diferent break patterns such as: WORKING - Runing for 3 minutes and breaking for 1 minute - The break handler works NOT WORKING - Runing for 15 mins breaking for 10minutes break handler does not work NOT WORKING - Runing for 30 mins breaking for 40 mins break handler does not work Example off break handler : This is very strange since difrenet breaking patterns still works but some does not work lol if some one has run into this issue and know a fix for it that would be great. I have done these and still not working 1 ) Deleted .tribot folder and restarted client twice. 2 ) deleted all the settings from tribot file and put the new break handler setings 3) i have tryed runing the multiple scripts with those break handlers and its not working to any one them. P.s i know how to set up a break handler no need to explain me this. I have been boting for 4+ years now.
  7. auryzas242

    Login bot bug

  8. This. Basicly Like USA Bot farm manager
  9. auryzas242

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    It works. But scripts does not work.
  10. auryzas242

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    I will try lol
  11. auryzas242

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

  12. auryzas242

    Oak Goldfarmer [Free]

    Sick. Its very nice to see premium scripters release quality free scripts for free!! Amazing