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  1. auryzas242

    Tribot Client not opening

    @Todd @TRiLeZ
  2. auryzas242

    TRiBot Release 9.309_0 [Resizable Mode]

    Yes i am. It wont load some times. Crashes a lot to !
  3. auryzas242

    TriBot Update

    It does not write any letters in the chat box. That was just example. Bot just get stuck in the interfaces like entering amount to fletch bows for example.
  4. auryzas242

    TriBot Update

    Not just banking. It also doest not enter any names. For example does not log in to clan chat, for muling
  5. auryzas242

    there is some error with the withdraw when banking

  6. auryzas242

    there is some error with the withdraw when banking

    Yes, it is indead broken. Broken cant enter usernames to chat ect.
  7. auryzas242


    Ya, i have no idea why they still have not baned these fucks from this forum, they are garbage af.
  8. auryzas242

    GoldFarming Biz

    lol,pls dont pick flax, why would you even need that script? fking 10k gp/hr
  9. auryzas242

    [ PAID ]

    amazing name for the taning script lol There are premium scripts ir repo that can tan hides for you
  10. auryzas242

    Crafting script?

    @Matt you said every script on repo works properly ?
  11. auryzas242

    [Snippet] Membership Checker

    Nice release. I think much more needed tool would be account ban checker
  12. auryzas242

    How good are the free scripts?

    Face it - most off free scripts in here have not been updated for 2+ years, and are not working properly. The other day i was trying some new methods and look at the repo off free scripts, tbh i did not find any single script that works properly.
  13. auryzas242

    How good are the free scripts?

    @Mattremember the premium barrows script that was up for sale till it got closed down by numbers off ppl reporting it was broken. Selling your scripts is you job, people pay for this service, that scripters has other stuff irl is not realy an excuse, from my perspective if i was a scripter and offer such service i would provide the right support( only few scripters in this forums does this ) you sell a product and you have to deliver it, if you dont have the time to code for 20-30mins a day to support the script, then mayby dont sell it. Buy a script for a monthly price, 1/4 off that perdiod of time script is not working. i love how tribot took action in these things, mayby situation has changed since i last purchased a premium script. No hate, just my opinion, im not trying to spread any negative here.
  14. auryzas242

    How good are the free scripts?

    Im not spreading the negativity, its just how its been for past year or so. Mayby it got beter now i dont use any premium scripts now
  15. auryzas242

    How good are the free scripts?

    Lol, check the disputes off ppl claimings. Im speaking from my experience to, usa scripst witch was "USA LAVA dragon script" was not working at all, and still was up for sale, and numbers off other sctipts, such as air orb script up was up for sale altho it was not working and every one knew that it was not working, it was still allowed to sell:) so pls dont say it isint true.