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  1. auryzas242

    Oak Goldfarmer [Free]

    Sick. Its very nice to see premium scripters release quality free scripts for free!! Amazing
  2. auryzas242

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    No Lg, no ressizeable. Sats are low , just testing out this new method. 45 def 50hp 61 range 82 mage
  3. auryzas242

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    After death came back to pick up the loot, then started to kill torag brother with diferent equipment. https://gyazo.com/7858e64a6de368c18535c73344c60bd9 1 more banking error : https://gyazo.com/e47997fda1342097531580cc5f0d1a39 Deathwallk does not work : [15:19:20] Missing Adamant bolts [17:23:02] Distance to door: 6458 [17:23:02] [DEBUG] Incrementing door fail counter [17:24:23] Died while deathwalking, ending script. [17:24:23] Death info: Verac - In tunnels: true Tile: (3534, 9672, 0) [17:24:28] We died on brother Verac [17:24:38] Script Ended: nBarrows. [17:21:11] [DEBUG] Walked to door. [17:21:11] Distance to door: 3 [17:21:27] We died! Waiting for respawn... caching position and brother... [17:21:31] We died on brother Dharok [17:23:02] Died while deathwalking, ending script. [17:23:02] Death info: Dharok - In tunnels: true Tile: (3534, 9695, 0) [17:23:03] Leaving barrows... [17:23:06] We died on brother Dharok [17:23:37] Script Ended: nBarrows.
  4. auryzas242

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    After death, stands there spam clicks the black area, debung not showing anythin. https://gyazo.com/fc88931864d3682ccfe7bf7da4083a5b
  5. auryzas242

    Help me banned after less than a day

    Everything mate
  6. auryzas242

    TRiBot Release 9.311_0

    Can you fix the client loading white screen now?
  7. auryzas242

    Am i retarded?

    "Am i retarded?" - im afraid yes
  8. This Scripter best one out there thats taking p scripts atm. @Druid
  9. lol wtf is this. You literaly shared nothing here lol @arvydaslt123 Get some pro tips from this beast.
  10. auryzas242

    world hopper is broken?

    not for meh
  11. auryzas242

    Tribot Bug [4/26/2018] Right Clicking Broken.

    ECHh.. mayby just mine broke ;/