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  1. aTrainer [BETA] Development thread

  2. Einstein's Bot Farm Manager

    Sick! lets have some fun now ! long waited script
  3. Long term bot farm questions

    Search button on the forums is your friend, use it. There is all kinds of information out there, take your team and try to read some things, i can guarante you that no one is going to say anythink new to you.
  4. Goldfarming still profitable?

    Naw, i just like to spend 8 $ a month in here just to chat with people about runescape
  5. Einstein's Bot Farm Manager

    Been waiting for this for so long !!
  6. Break Handler won't save settings.

    Yea, im having same problem to..
  7. Hacked through tribot somehow??

    "Web walker what the hell are all they?" Most of the bots have this implimented, its the script that makes your bot move around the place, every one has these pop outs, mayby you clicked on the fake runescape webpage and got phised? Mayby you got a fake email and you clicked on it ? or fake twitch links? But for 100% im sure there is no way tribot will hack your account, specialy for 10m, most of the boters have much more then that and yet they are still fine.
  8. https://gyazo.com/5e5dcaf79e43cac1964fa43e732d949f
  9. Ex-botter looking to get back on the scene

    Every few days there is a new post like this... Just use the forums man, there is all kind off information in here, atleast take time to do that, no one is going to spoon feed you
  10. is jagex not banning accounts rn?

    I got ban's yesturday
  11. Creating scripts

    "The client does not even belong to dev. of Tribot, belongs to Jagex, it's just decompliated and edited" How can you be this retarted.
  12. 15 Y/O Acc just banned after two days of botting, how?

    15 year old account ? rs has been out for 5 years max lol