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  1. ewalb

    Basic Miner

    a better option is the humidify spell whenever waterskins run out, i believe other miner uses that method. Once a method is implemented it's a must buy for me, cant wait!
  2. testing at maniacal monkeys, works reasonably well for the combat aspect but does not reset the aggro as needed, is there a way/setting to get it to reset aggro? Just needs to walk off to the west and come back to get aggro back.
  3. when are you planning on implementing esc menu to banks? it will do great things for more realistic looking play, as well as helping xp rates as well.
  4. i have an issue while woodcutting teaks at ape atoll, the script stops whenever it levels and says congratulations, and freezes, rather than going back to woodcutting Any workaround available?
  5. ewalb

    Auto Crafter Pro

    having a problem as its crafting black dhides. after every inventory, even though "withdraw all" is already selected, it will click on it again, withdraw the hides, then click on withdraw all again before closing the bank which makes it look very unrealistic. any thoughts on a fix?
  6. ewalb

    Auto Crafter Pro

    hi i am currently getting errors when i try and make black dhide bodies, getting this error (jsut purchased script so first time setting up) [09:24:54] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4767748 [09:24:54] at scripts.api.fa.E(Banking.java:340) [09:24:54] at scripts.crafter.x.k.o.b(Bank.java:93) [09:24:54] at scripts.crafter.x.k.o.F(Bank.java:56) [09:24:54] at scripts.crafter.x.k.o.E(Bank.java:43) [09:24:54] at scripts.api.script.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:100) can you help guide me or tel lme what i need to do to fix this? than kyou!
  7. can you add support for either regular antivenom or the cureme lunar spell?
  8. is it possible to implement the giant seaweed? interested in purchasing but would like to superglassmake giant seaweed instead of regular
  9. any chance to add the barrows teleport directly from spellbook if we have the level/spell? Also house charge instead of cwars for restore? Considering purchasing the script but wondering if these methods are already implemented/possible
  10. sad it's taking so long just paid for vip and an expensive script yesterday, and have been unable to use...
  11. so is there a fix for those of us who have that error?
  12. Mine says 9.305_6 once it is loaded, but I still get the "tribot needs to be restarted" error... anyone else?
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