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  1. @Einstein Any chance you could add a feature that opens the clue bottles? So the clue falls out. I am on twisted league and my clues stack so if the bottle opens I am able to get more. Cheers
  2. 7-8m/hr maybe more depending on what xp rates i would be getting
  3. i kinda heard most proxies get ur accounts banned quicker? + unsure how they work efficiently
  4. Hey looking to pay someone /hr to run 4+ rune essence bot accounts for me. Normally I would do this myself but scared that botting on these accounts from the same IP will get my main banned. Pretty easy thing to bot as fresh level 3's can run essence to me at fire altar and scripts are avaliable from sites such as Rune Mate.
  5. how u going to bot rc when tribot offers no good rc scripts lol
  6. Hi guys looking to purchase a zeah rc script. Would pay top dollar for this. Thanks
  7. Just asked myself the same question, im sure there are a lot of people who would buy a zeah rc script
  8. Hey so I have an alt account I am looking to suicide bot at Zulrah but I do not want my maxed main to be chain-banned from it (as I believe Zulrah is considered gold farming). What is the best way to go about this? If I should invest in a proxy which one is highly recommended and reliable? Thanks for the help!
  9. does this script chain ban accounts? I am looking to bot on my alt but don't want to be chain-banned using it. Can anyone provide more information?
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