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  1. Can i setup a cannon with this script and it will run all over awaking the crabs so the cannon can shoot it?
  2. Will def be paying for this.
  3. hi mine says you must run tribot using the java jdk in order to use looking glass. I opened osbuddy and le it load then click open looking glass. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks, how long does that normally take? I still have not received it.
  5. Its the scripters script and they can do whatever they want with it.
  6. y By stripe. The payment came out right away, All I wanted was to be able to bot with proxies lol :_(
  7. Kept drinking stamina potion putting it in bank and repeating. If I paused script and ran inside the den it would start to work. Got to the part after the ledge and it just kept moving the map little bit at a time.
  8. Amazing script. Thank you. Can someone explain to me about the abc2 delay modifier.. after default is faster -1 to 5. is 5 the fastest?
  9. klauck1990


    . Can't wait for this script. If coded properly, this is gonna be a kickass script I must say. Thank you
  10. Well the script looks like its gonna be great, thats the only reason why I posted. Lol. Thank you.
  11. Hi I am new, I think the script is really nice. I had a problem where it had a ore selected green but it was hidden behind the chat so it couldnt click it. I had to pause and move screen. I have only used it for 15 minutes maybe,. Also when it went to bank, it used my games necklace and teled to wintertodt. I was in the mining guild. Thank you very much for this free script. I switched from the one setting where the game client is fixed to a static size to the setting where it expands, and it seems much better. Althought it keeps teleing me to wintertodt to bank lol
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