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  1. Same issue. Either it says service temporarily unavailable, posts a huge page of HTML code or allows the client to load but when I try to run premium scripts it says I need VIP to run more than one instance. Having bad luck with TB lately, already bought 1 script which is so buggy I can't use it. >.>
  2. Yeah that's fair enough. I'll check to see how it runs later on today. Would be nice to have a change of scenery.
  3. @Encoded Do you plan on ever adding 3-tick fishing? Also, I can't check right now but is the heavy rod fishing spot near the CoX supported?
  4. My intention was only to gain 900 points to unlock the Farmer's outfit, Seedbox, Gricoller's Can & Auto-weed. I ran this bot for around 3-6 hours at a time and would stop it manually, go do a birdhouse run and then run the bot for another 3-6 hours. Some days I'd do 19 and a half hours online per day with only manual breaks. I fell asleep with this script on and it was still running. Currently 92 and haven't used this script since reaching 900 points, so I'm guessing I've slipped under the radar with it. Works perfectly but as I suggested in another post on this thread, I believe that it should be changed so that if you disconnect with seeds planted, the bot will deposit whatever fruit it has, fill watering cans and reset the seeds as the player only receives points from every fruit deposited after 75 fruits harvested, meaning that losing 14 of your crops to a disconnection significantly lowers your points per hour. Overall though I'd say it's a pretty solid script. Everything that Encoded touches seems to get me by just fine.
  5. It's probably because getting 77 rc to test on would be a pain in the ***.
  6. Babysat it for a while and can confirm that it does not, making it perfect for those who want to quickly obtain the superior mining gloves
  7. Does this drop minerals from the mining guild?
  8. I tried using this for redwood trees and it would constantly misclick the chopping spots. It also made me teleport to outside of the woodcutting guild even though I was in front of the tree. Seems very suspicious. Had to stop my trial after 19 minutes because I felt unsafe.
  9. Fishing Trawler is really buggy. If the net is ripped at the end of the game then the script will constantly click on the net and do nothing else. Always runs to the bank at the start of the script and doesn't recognise that you're in the boat. Misses clicks quite regularly. Will start trying to click on the boat's plank whilst bank is open. Looks really suspicious tbh. Please fix these issues.
  10. I have the same problem, where is the .jar file inside of this download? I just get a zip folder which doesn't seem to contain any .jar
  11. Where is this V3 I keep seeing people talk about? There's only v2 on repository
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