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  1. Great work! My home IP is in Thailand so I seem to be on a regional watchlist of some kind. Can't bot anything at all without proxies. Happy to be an extreme test case (if I can't get banned, no-one can) if needed.
  2. You're a god among men, it worked first time. Thanks a lot
  3. Hey all! Been using Tribot for a while now. While I'm certainly not experienced I can usually solve my own issues (although I am a bit of a noob) considering I'm generally quite tech savvy. However, my Google-Fu and trying all the steps I can think of has not yielded results in this case. So, I've been using Tribot fine for months now and suddenly today it simply doesn't work anymore. I didn't change anything on my laptop or edit any settings anywhere. One moment it was working, the next it's dead. Whenever I start Tribot and try to login I get an error. The error I get depends on whether or not I have Console Mode enabled. When I have Console Mode enabled I get an "Unable to create client instance" error and when I have Console Mode disabled I get a "Session Invalid" error message (screenshots below, let me know if you need any error files or anything). I'm 100% entering the correct password (can log into website with it fine), I tried deleting the cache folder in Appdata (didn't delete anything else though, such as Script profiles etc, could this be worth trying?). Overall, I'm stumped. I've restarted, redownloaded, deleted cache, and checked my login details are correct. I would really appreciate some advice or assistance (or the ability to post this in the client bug forum if that's required). Happy to try anything to make this work, as I said I'm not super experienced with Tribot but I have some general tech knowledge so I should be able to follow along to an extent regardless of how complex the potential solution is. Thanks, Rose
  4. Hey, sorry for the delay! You were right, that fixed the issue. Thanks for the response. Would be good to add that as a warning somewhere in the interface. I know it's probably obvious to you and some of the people on here. But for those who don't do much botting and don't really understand how they work it was pretty confusing for a few days trying to get it started.
  5. Getting stuck on Ammonite Crabs after they stop attacking (around 10 minutes). Players have to run off screen and then come back for the crabs to start aggoing again but the bot doesn't do this and instead just sits there spam clicking on the inactive Ammonite shells. Needs a "run away and come back" function I think. Not sure how else you'd solve it. I tried removing the fossil rocks from targeting and only targeting the actual Ammonite crabs but then I ended up killing all the animated crabs and then just standing still. Let me know if you need more info.
  6. Hey @Encoded, having issues with getting this to work at all (similar to Shaggerinos issue just above). So when I activate the script with empty inventory spaces, it's fine. However, when I have a full inv or the inv fills up whilst I'm fishing, the script goes into a loop and just keeps clicking on the [Open Inventory] button and doesn't even attempt to drop the fish. I'm currently fishing at Barb village, I have deleted hooks.dat, checked the inventory debug tool (looks fine), I have restarted PC, re-downloaded Tribot and everything else I could think of to no avail. Thanks!
  7. Oh, and to add to the above, I have ONE character who doesn't seem to get banned, every other bot I've been using has been banned as soon as they touch ore. There's nothing special about the one un-banned bot, he's on the same proxy type, normal name, same gear, same locations, same account activity. But he seems to be able to mine for 4-6 hours straight day in day out without a ban... So goddamn confusing.
  8. Getting repeatedly banned on low level f2p & p2p accounts (to be expected I guess). It's usually happening within 10 minutes of starting to mine. Location doesn't seem to make a difference, tried in Varrock, Lumbridge, Rimmington, etc etc. All my bots are on different IPs (residential, non-sequential), different worlds, they're aged, they're not level 3 etc. My question is, does anyone have any tactics I can use to lower my chance of being banned whilst using this script? Are some locations or ores better than others? How do you guys keep your bots alive for more than 10 minutes. And yes, I've tried different ABC2 & breaking patterns, but doesn't seem to make a difference. Thanks!
  9. Anyone heard good things about buypersonalproxy?
  10. Makes sense. You have any recommendations for an alternative (other than Virmach - they have an issue with the fact I'm abroad and won't sell to me)?
  11. Great, I guess that's $30 down the toilet. Any particular reason? Does using a ProxyFish proxy increase ban likelihood?
  12. If no one can answer my question, can someone provide me a link to a working account creation tool? Must be able to provide custom email addresses, usernames, passwords, and proxy details. Thanks.
  13. @YoHoJo you seem to be the proxy wizard on Tribot! I used your code to sign up, any advice here? I don't really understand whether I should be using some service to allow me through the captcha process, or whether there's an issue with the proxies themselves. No worries if you can't help though. Just super frustrated by this ?
  14. Hey folks, long time lurker, first time poster here. I've been trying to get my first goldfarm up and running but I've run into an issue that's stopped me in my tracks, would really appreciate some help. I'm using Proxyfish as my proxy provider, just bought 10 proxies to run 20 accounts from and I'm trying to setup the accounts. I've got the proxies working fine (added them to Maxthon, checked the IP, it's fine). When I go to create a new account on the RS website it's giving me an error "Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again.". I've tried all 10 proxies and it's giving me the same error on all of them. Any advice on how to proceed here? Feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall trying to get this sorted. Thanks!
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